Town Trip: November 21, 2017

Taco and I went to town together to see if we could find appropriate footwear for him.  Seems I can’t find one business that sells tiny snow proof boots for a Chihuahua. I had to find them online and order them.  They will get here in about 4 days.  But I bought what they had to keep his paws protected until his new ones come in the mail.  They are a little big and Taco has a little bit of a hard time walking in them.

While Taco and I were out it started to snow.  Funny it didn’t feel that cold, but it was a whopping 22 degrees.  From there we headed to Sav-U-More to pick up a few things and then to Safeway for yams.  From there we hit the Post Office and then Spenard’s for some wafer boards so we can finish the walls by the front door and in the bathroom.  We got that loaded up and headed home in the snow.

When we got back I dropped Taco off and headed to my neighbor’s house to discuss Thanksgiving.  Enjoyed the visit, went home and back to work.  We got the wall covered by the front door.  We also had some water problems again this time a little crack valve or something that was leaking pressure so the water wouldn’t flow.  We fixed it and have water again.

Still feeling blessed to have real seasoned firewood.

For dinner we ate Tamale casserole.



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