Work and Play: November 22, 2017

I woke up with the sun blasting in the window into my eyes.  It seems I slept in.  When the sun is over the mountains and bright you’re looking at maybe 10am.  It wasn’t just me Dad slept in too.  We drank our morning coffee and went back to work.  We finished sheet rocking the wall by the front door and Dad started working on the bathroom wall.  While he was doing that I was figuring out the bits and pieces of wire racks that I dismantled back in Florida.  Only to see there are parts missing on one.  It took me an hour or so to locate parts and figure out what goes where.  In between all this I am helping Dad as well.  I’m able to put two of the racks together and we about to start the dishes in the sink when low and behold it’s not draining.  It seems when we went underneath the house “the Underworld” wrapping heat tape and insulation around the pipes we failed to think about the sink.  At the time it was not installed.  So, out of sight out of mind.  The sink also started leaking at the seams, but was easily fixed by tightening the fittings.  So off to Ulmer’s  I go.  Another stupid trip to town to get more heat tape.  When I got back Dad went under the house to wrap the heat tape and insulation around the pipe and I got in the shower.  I was going out with some new friends!

My blow dryer died back in October and haven’t had one since.  I ordered a new one from Amazon but have yet to receive it.  Even though we are Prime members there is no such thing as free 2 day shipping to Alaska.  Bummer!  So I had to use Dad’s old appliance blow dryer that he used to defrost refrigerators with.  It’s beat up and has no protective backing to it.  Which means no protection from the little fan inside.  Trying to dry my hair with that was slow and scary.  I got my hair stuck it in once, then I started smelling something burning.  I run down stairs to check the fire and it’s okay right where it’s supposed to be.  In the stove.  So, I wonder around the house trying to figure out what was burning, then I realized that the blow dryer but have sucked in some of my loose hair and incinerated it.  I’m glad it wasn’t still attached to my head.  This whole time I have a mirror propped up on the sink with one light bulb that has a yellow hue to it.  Which brings me to trying to put makeup on in a dark shadowy bathroom with this yellowish light.  Makeup went on extremely fast and was less dangerous than blow drying my hair.

Took the dogs out one more time before I left and off I go to town.  Driving in pitch black at 5:45 in the evening is interesting.  First, it’s dark no street lights and the road is black.  Second, the snow and ice make it difficult to drive on and when you pass another vehicle the road just disappears.  More dangerous than the blow dryer.   First stop Alibi for some yummy halibut fish tacos and a couple libations followed by two pints of water.  I was greeted with open arms by my new friends.  We were laughing most of the time.  It’s crazy how you can just meet people and fit right in instantly.  The tacos are excellent but I wish they were blacked and my friend Tammy knows I like them spicy!

Next we head to Kharacter’s which is a bar full of characters.  It was darkish, it had a pool table, and wasn’t very crowded due to the fact it was early.  LOL!  I met everyone at Alibi’s at 6pm.  We talked, laughed and a had a couple more drinks with about 4 or 5 glasses of water with it.  Then we all said out good byes and headed home.  It was a fun night.  I’m glad I went out.


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