Dad’s Alaska

21 December 2022

Here’s to all of you who still Say “Merry Christmas”

Merry Christmas!!

Four days until Christmas and I’m still sitting here on my duff and not shopping. For most of sixty years I have done ‘Man Shopping’. I procrastinate until the day before Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve to do my shopping. Of course, by the time I get into the stores they are out of anything and everything that might be appropriate for those on my shopping list. For all of our children’s lives it was up to Connie to decide what was needed and discern what was wanted by these two legged animals. I simply had to shop for Connie, I learned early on that ‘Man Shopping’ for Connie was easy and sometimes relatively inexpensive. I would go to a locally owned jewelry store on Christmas Eve, pick out something that was about twice the price of the cash I had with me and offer that for the item. I once bought a large Opal mounted on a 14 karat gold ring for $350. The marked price was $1100. Unless you think that I took advantage of the poor store owner, he was in a mall that was scheduled to be demolished after the first of the year and he was liquidating his inventory. Anyway, a jewelry store is a ‘Man Shoppers’ best Christmas friend.

As you can see we are still remodeling this old house.

I just got tossed off Fakebook for the… I have no idea how many times. I stopped counting at 20. This time for “incitement to violence”. What I said was that Jane Fonda should have been tried for treason 60 years ago and given the proscribed punishment ie. A firing squad. To me that seemed much more like a personal opinion than an “incitement to violence” I did not say that someone should immediately go kill Jane Fonda as that would have been an incitement to violence. She did in fact ’aid and abet’ an enemy of the United States. It is the opinion of many, including myself, that her actions led directly to the deaths of many of the 58,220 American Army Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard who died in Viet Nam. We think that she should have been tried for treason. If it had been during WWII and she was aiding the NAZIs, she would have been executed. Hanged by the neck until dead or stood in front of a firing squad and she would have deserved it. Fast forward 20 years and we have the existence of a Dual Justice System made obvious. One for the elites and another for us peons. Had any other ‘Jane’ been in North Viet Nam, danced around on a North Vietnamese antiaircraft gun mount and condemned the United States they would have, at the very least, been serving twenty to life in a federal prison. I think I may be through with Fakebook. I’m about as sick of their arbitrary behavior as they are of my comments. On the other hand, they did not make any indication of how long this suspension was to be. This leads me to believe that I may be permanently suspended. C’est la guerre!!

It had warmed up a bit before I thought to take this picture

I have not been sleeping well of late. Not really sure why but my brain just won’t stop ticking over. I go to bed at my usual 11-12 and often see 1:30-2:30 on my bedside clock. I’m really not worried about anything in particular. Some of it is rehashing the past and some of it is concern for the future. None of it I can change or do a damned thing about. Anyway, this has led me to sleeping well past my usual by or before 8:00 am ‘crawl out of bed’ time. Yesterday, I got up a few minutes after 9 am and noted that the outside temperature was -2.5. That folks is pretty cold in my book. The sun was yet to get completely out of bed and it was still pretty dark. Even though the temp here in Fritz Creek pretty low, the temp in Chicken, Alaska was lower. Their low for the day was -67 and the high temp was -55. Now that folks is really, really cold and I want none of it. According to, it is and has been very cold in the Lower 48. I hope y’all haven’t given all of your coats to the Salvation Army due to the Global Warming myth.

Some of the sunrises are just too beautiful.

The water froze in the kitchen and in the water house during the -2.5 episode. The heat tape on the line from the big tank to the pump failed. At least, that is my working theory. I switched over to the 500 gallon tank and we have running water again except in the kitchen. Because it has been so cold 9-10 degrees during yesterday, I haven’t done anything to get the big tank operating again. Summer went into town this morning and will purchased a new heat tape that I will install on the warmest day possible and before the 500 gallon tank is empty, I hope. I am sick to death of fighting this water situation. This coming Spring and Summer, I am going to add an addition to the house that will contain the water tanks. I intend to get rid of the 500 gallon tank and install another 1000 gallon tank. The addition will be extremely insulated and have it’s own heating system. I will not go through another winter worrying about whether the water will flow or not. The water must flow!

I’m sure it is obvious to even the most casual of observers that no work is being done outside in this unusual cold snap. I have the metal straps to attach the house to the new foundation pilings. What I don’t have is any source of heat at the drill press where I need to put in the necessary holes for the attachment to the house and the pilings. Even with insulated gloves my fingers are numb after about 30 minutes even when the outside temperature is in the mid and high 20s. In the current temperatures (teens), I might get in 10 minutes before I stop feeling my fingers. The temps are predicted to have highs in the upper 20s during the rest of this week and into next week. I’m going to attempt to find a way to heat myself that doesn’t result in carbon monoxide poisoning. Not sure what that will be but I’ve got to do something before and earthquake shakes us off the new foundation. I’ve got some electric heaters that I could use. One of them might keep my feet and legs warm. However, there is one draw back and that is 35 cents per KWH. Two heaters, one high and one low, would cost over a dollar an hour and add to our $300+ monthly power bill. The other problem is that the drill press is in the Conex where the only power source is an extension cord. I’m going to have to do some figuring but I guess I’ll just have to tough it out.

Well, Summer is back from town and I am going to have to tote slabs of water and groceries. See ya!


Dad’s Alaska

17 December 2022

I hate to break it to you but you no longer have a country. Countries have borders and we have none. Countries have laws that are enforced and obeyed by their government. WE DON’T! Our government is a lawless cartel of Marxists in our government that are bound and determined to destroy America. Our Southern border has vanished. US States that were once along that border have become part of Mexico thanks to the drug cartels and the Narco-Government of Mexico. The Mexican government is being paid to bus tens of thousands of illegal aliens to what was once a border by the drug cartels. The cartels are fleecing these illegal aliens for millions of dollars for the chance to cross that non-border. Worse than that there are likely hundreds, if not thousands, of criminals and potential terrorists amongst this flood of human debris. Even worse than that, there are literally tons of drugs coming across the Southern border. Even more worse, these drugs, mostly fentanyl, are killing 300+ Americans every day. Most of these drug deaths are young people. We are allowing a good portion of a generation of Americans to be murdered. None of this is by accident or even benign neglect. This is the purposeful destruction of America and it’s people. Many of Americans voted for this disaster and have been, so far, immune to the consequences. Unfortunately, by the time they realize the error and vote again there may be nothing left of our great country. We’ve had a good run. Here in Alaska we have been immune to much of this. However, if America fails, I expect that all Alaskans will suddenly become Russian citizens again.

Well-l-l-l, as I may have mentioned the last time we spoke that Summer caught COVID and then I caught Covid. We were well enough for Thanksgiving. Then Summer caught the flu and, of course, a few days later, I had the flu. COVID was no ‘Cake Walk’ but the flu kicked my old ass. There were times that I truly felt that I would have to get better to die. There were rivers of snot running out of my head, coughing fits producing nothing but more coughing fits and intermittent muscle and joint pain. This miserable existence continued for almost ten days before I started feeling human again. Even then I was too weak to do much of anything except bring in the necessary firewood. Bringing in the firewood was exhausting and I’d have to sit between armloads brought in from the sled. Since I haven’t been ‘Go to bed’ sick in decades, this was a new and humbling experience. During those decades people around me would fall ‘go to bed’ ill and I might get the sniffles. Usually, I caught nothing. I was certain that I was ‘bulletproof’ with regards to all of the various infectious diseases that were going around at any particular time. My current theory is that COVID weakened my immune system and that led to this awful flu experience. At 78 years old, I need to be a bit more careful about being exposed to infectious diseases. I’m not sure how I can avoid these illnesses. Summer works at the Post Office and is around a lot of different people. Many of these people have kids in school. Kids have ‘Kiddie Cooties’ from being exposed to one another. Their parents bring it to work and then their co-workers take it home. How to avoid these “Kiddie Cooties’ is a mystery that I have been unable to unravel. Summer’s previous job (walking dogs) had her spending most of her time outdoors and only minimally exposed to humans. In addition, most of those humans had no young children. As a result, she didn’t catch any diseases and bring them home to me. We were living a happy, healthy life.

It has, finally, snowed enough to cover the frozen mud. AND even though I am happy about the snow coverage, I am dejected. The realization that there are four more months of this mostly below freezing weather ahead of us. I know! My Dad used to say that “Some people wouldn’t be happy even if you hung them with a new rope.” Meaning, of course, that some people are just never happy about anything. This morning I awoke to 7.5F outside. The damned water has frozen again and I’m out of diesel fuel for the jet heater. The closest diesel fuel is 7 miles down icy roads with some people driving way-y-y too fast. I drive at about 45 mph and some of these fools pass me on the few straight parts of the road. When they start to pass I slow down because if they lose control I don’t want to be anywhere close. Yeah, the hills and curves are sanded which helps but even sanded areas can be very slippery. Well that’s it for the moment. I’m off to get some diesel fuel and thaw out the damned water house again.