Bob’s Version: Day 61

Today was pretty much a total waste.  The wood delivery guy ran over the line on the ground and cut the power to the pump.  Then the snow and wind somehow managed to unplug the light and heaters in the pump house.  We had no water when we arose this morning.    I hate this damned water situation but there are no alternatives.  Too late in the year for a well and wells are an iffy situation, at best.  There is a lot of bad water in this area.  It is filled with arsenic and cannot be used to for drinking or cooking.  Drilling can be as deep as 400 feet and is very expensive.   The only good thing is that came out of this is that we have firewood and were quite warm all night.

The water problem was a frozen pump.  Reconnecting the electricity to the heating equipment solved that problem in a couple of hours.  Little did I know that there would be other problems later in the day.

Moved onto cleaning out the bathroom floor so that the wafer board  and then sheetrock could be installed.  Summer went into town to get three more sheets to finish two jobs in the house.

An hour later, I spent an hour getting the upstairs commode repaired.  This took longer than I expected because it is my nemesis, plumbing.  Most plumbing require, at least, three trips to the hardware store.  Got the commode installed and it wouldn’t fill. To quote Joe Dirt, “DANG”.

Water investigation Part Deux:  Breaker was tripped.  Reset the breaker but pump wouldn’t run.  Found that the pump motor was out on overheat as the thermal overload was tripped.  Further inspection  located the line that operated the pressure switch was leaking all the pressure in a matter minutes which made the pump run constantly.  That caused the over heat and the breaker trip, I guess.  Made a trip to The Gear Shed to buy the wrong part.  The plastic line from the pump housing to the pressure switch is 1/8″ instead of the 1/4″ that I purchased.  Exasperated and unwilling to go out onto the snow/ice roads again, I rattled through my plumbing box once again.  There I found a 3/8 male pipe x 1/8 tube fitting.  Problem solved.  Things are usually not that easy.

Summer came home and we took the lumber off the truck and hauled in some more firewood.

Tomorrow we will get to the bathroom wall and put up the sheetrock, I hope.  Thursday is Thanksgiving.  I might not work for 15-20 minutes in the AM or until I finish my coffee.

Dinner tonight was leftover Tamale Casserole.  We had Teriyaki Salmon filets laid out to thaw but it didn’t do it soon enough.  Back in the fridge and out comes the casserole that I had intended to eat for lunch today.   Was better the second day.


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