The Enclosed Trailer Incident

Dad and I ordered a 24ft enclosed trailer and yesterday went to pick it up in Douglas Georgia. We drove up 2 hours to pick it up.  The paperwork was so easy and the people we really nice. But……..When we were waiting on the trailer it never came.  No one thought to tell us that  there was a part missing, a side light to be exact.   Turns out they hadn’t had a new shipment in of these parts in a while due to holidays and what not.  Which was fine because they cannibalized another trailer for the light.  So, then we finally get our trailer and guess what it’s missing!!!!


Now we have waited about an hour and a half for a trailer that we thought was finished and went through quality control.

After all that, we finally got our trailer.

On they way home we had to stop at Lowe’s and get more boxes, axes, hatchets, etc.  We decided to open the side door of the trailer and put the boxes in it to keep them dry if it were to rain.

Well ain’t that some shiitake mushrooms!

The darn striker plate fell right off!!!!!!

Over all, the people were nice but the quality of our trailer kind of bites!  It really sucks you have to go behind people and fix mistakes on something brand spanking new.



Never Ending Packing and Loading

We are packing up all our crap!  All of it!  It’s hot and humid here in Florida and it hasn’t rained in a long while.  It’s dusty and sandy and I hate it.

Dad was busy checking the engine of the bus and refilling fluids so “ALASKA OR BUSt” is ready to go!  We’ve also started filling the bus with all our belongings which had proved to be hot and exhausting task. It’s 5:36 pm Florida time and we have finally quite.  Sitting down and cooling off with a cold adult beverage.

Your probably thinking that it’s not very difficult to carry things out of a house and put it in a bus, but your house isn’t on a river and is stilted 17 feet hight off the ground.  That’s 22 steps up and down carrying boxes out to the bus.  I’m beat!


It’s All About Bear

So the other day we found a wonderful dog at the Suwannee County Animal Shelter.  His name is Bear (which we found appropriate) our new family member!  He is loyal, flea bitten, lovable, and over exuberant!  He was so excited that he ran the walls of my house until he tired and then I gave him the bath of a lifetime.  He was falling asleep as I was scrubbing all the dirt and fleas off of him.  I love Beagles!  My old dog that I lost, Cookie, was part Beagle and Bear acts just like her.  It was meant to be!  Since his wash today he has found comfort in the A/C vent on the floor and laying over it felt oh so good.  He is so skinny and ate a huge meal this evening and is now sleeping again on the floor.  I just love a pound puppy!  It’s been a longtime since I’ve seen a dog feel so blessed.

Please adopt a pound puppy!  They will always feel blessed to have you!

The Beginning of ALASKA OR BUSt

Hi!  I’m Summer.  I have always wanted to live in Alaska since I was in high school.  Well, 20 years later my dream is finally coming true and Dad (Bob) is along for the ride.  Dad says he wants one more adventure before he takes the big dirt nap.

I have put my house on the Suwannee River on the market, traded in my Jeep Patriot for a huge Dodge Ram 3500 Dually named Big Bertha, sold all seven of my honey bee hives, selling all my chickens, excess vehicles, pontoon boat, and donating a truck full of clothes and stuff to donate to the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranch.

Bob and I bought a big school bus we named Alaska or BUSt.  We have pulled all the seats out of it and have begun loading her up with boxes.  It’s all coming together. Our hope is that we don’t need another trailer to haul our belongings in.

Here is the house I bought sight unseen with title of the listing “Fun Fixer Upper”.  It will be interesting when we get there and start renovating the house.  But look at that view looking over Kachemak Bay!

Stay tuned to see and read my adventure as Dad and I make our way to Alaska!