Slow Moving Progress

Ouch!  My back!  Yup, that’s right folks. My back.  I pulled some muscles in my back which has slowed down my mad moving skills.  Dad and I are just about ready to hit the open road hopefully by Thursday or Friday this week.  It has been one tough beginning to our adventure, but the fun part will soon begin!  Everything has taken just a little bit longer to do and that’s just fine.  Everything happens for a reason and I won’t argue about it.

Things I have gotten to do before I leave:

Hang out with friends a little longer

Eat at some restaurants in town that I love

Play in my favorite river (Suwannee River) this includes swimming and kayaking

Play in my favorite springs

Revamp my triptik a few more times to perfection

See the solar eclipse at 85% here in O’Brien, Fl

Give friends my plants, including a very large amount (12) of aloe vera I grew from a few plants

Figuring out how to live with 4 dogs in my 5th wheel home 🙂

*Enjoying life to the fullest and not care what people think (this is a big one)

So as I sit here this morning watching Bear and Taco wrestle around on the floor while Gandie steals Taco’s food is quite amusing.  I occasionally have to be the referee when they get a little over excited.  I am contemplating what will be next in this great adventure which has already started and yet we have not moved down the road.  I have found that I have a lot of friends that care deeply about me and are like family.  This little neighborhood will always be a slice of heaven and I will always come back.

I want to thank my friends in Suwannee Belle Estates for always being there when I needed you, being a helping hand, always welcoming and just for being my good friends! Ya’ll are wonderful and I will miss all of you!


Getting Antsy!

There has been something that I haven’t mentioned on my blogs since moving into my 5th wheel camper.  Yes,  I have moved into a 5th wheel camper to prepare my house for selling.


You are not paranoid, if they are really out to get you.  They, being fire ants, are really out to get me.  It seems that they have made a home somewhere in said camper and are making their way into my bed.  In my mind I see these ants frolicking around until they find me in bed and they all say, “GROCERIES!” and then they bite me.  It only seems like its under my arms.  But it’s okay, I will deal with them tomorrow.  I have fire ant killer and I am not afraid to use it.  (evil laugh)  We didn’t find out that the bus was gear bound which is kind of like muscle bound until last Friday.  Dad took it in to have the governor released and found out the governor wasn’t the problem.  Now we are going to be Wednesday before we get the bus back repaired.


It’s Been A While! Catching Up!

I’m tired. So, so tired!


Let me catch you up.  Since my last post we have been packing and loading up still!

My niece came up to visit and while driving around we went stopped at Rual King and we found the most interesting doggie treats! CHICKEN FEET!chickenfoot

Then we went kayaking on the Suwannee River this past Monday.  It was so much fun having her visit!  We kayaked down the Suwannee River.  I got to say good bye to my favorite river.  We saw gators, turtles, and the infamous jumping sturgeons.  We swam in all the beautiful springs that drain into the river.  She picked out some awesome rocks out of the spring for keepsakes and she found some driftwood that was really cool, she kept that as well.  All and all it was by far my favorite visit that I have had with her.  She is such a happy go lucky girl!  Love you Sweetie! meandmary

So anyway it looks like Dad and I are not leaving until this coming Monday.

It must happen!

If not, we could possibly be driving into snow trying to move to Homer.  That would suck big time.  The bus is at the diesel repair shop to make sure everything is in working order.  We are looking for spares for the fifth wheel camper and we still need to load the washer and dryer into the bus.  Not only that, but there is an extra refrigerator and my deep freezer that needs to be moved.

Today, we hooked up the propane and I am cooking our first meal in the camper.  RIBS!  Yes, folks!!  Ribs!! YUMMY!

I will try to post more often.  It’s just been crazy.

See ya’ll later!