What a Day! Oct. 8, 2017

We got the water hooked up to the house!  Only one problem!  We ran out of water.  (forehead smack)

This means the commode doesn’t flush!  AHHHH!

That is okay we will find another way.

And I did!

Meanwhile, Dad is figuring out the stove pipes so we can replace them and get the stove set in place.  Turns out some of the new stove pipes were too big.  So, we moved on to ripping out the vanity out of the bathroom so we can make room for the water heater and the washer and dryer.

We got the water heater in place and attached it to the water pipe.  Of course, we won’t know until we get water if anything leaks.

Before we went out and started our day of hard labor, I prepared a brine for our dinner which is baby back ribs.  They marinated most of the day until we were ready to start working on the water heater.  Then, I took it outside and began cooking them on my camp stove so I could keep watch on them.  You see, I boil my ribs first and then grill them later with BBQ sauce.  They are so tender and juicy that way.

They were so good!  Dad and I split the rack and we ate all of it!  No sides, nothing but ribs!  We had a couple of drinks and were feeling really good about our accomplishments   and so we were feeling silly.  This video is reveals how silly were really were.

As you can see we were being really silly.  There’s nothing but fun here on the Steele Homestead……

As the sun went down, night looms over the mountains to the West and  we settle down for the night.  IMG_3262


2 thoughts on “What a Day! Oct. 8, 2017

  1. You could make a water ram. It takes very few parts and no power to run.  Great source of flushing water.  Google or utube. I had one at my Ga cabin before power was there.  Good luck. Stay safe. We all miss you. Kirk 

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