Bob’s Version: Day 19

Day 19 Homestead

Slept late as I was, apparently, more tired than I thought from yesterdays labors. Didn’t get started until about 11:00. Job one today was to get some heat in the house. Built a hearth??? for the wood stove. Laid 16×16 black concrete slabs on the floor and spaced them about 5/8″ apart 5 wide 6 long. Put 2×2 edge around all 4 sides to hold them in place and filled the gaps with black (mostly) pea gravel. Looks pretty good except for the smudges of mud from my boots. It rained almost all night again and the mud from putting in the water line is everywhere.
Tore out the single wall pipe the previous owner had run up through the 8′ triple wall stove pipe. Got ready to run my 6′ double wall pipe up through the 8″ triple wall. Found out as I was preparing to, finally, have heat in the house that I had one section of double wall and two sections of triple wall. The triple was would not fit through the 8″ triple wall. Back to Home Depot Kenai. Need to return the damned 40 volt chainsaw, as well as some Mike Jansma recommended overkill. Figure out everything you think you need and the double it. Can’t seem to keep from making stupid mistakes regarding the needed supplies. Fortunately, none of my mistakes are life threatening.
Stymied by purchasing mistakes, I turned to the water piping once again. I set the water heater and connected the water lines after running the necessary hot water line through the bathroom. We have electricity and with that done all we need is water. We ran out of water Saturday afternoon.
Today Summer went to the small creek that crosses the property and dug a hole under a little water fall. She lined the falls with rocks to form an outcropping so that she could collect water. We needed water to flush the commode and she solved the problem. Like the old saying, “There is more than one way to skin a cat”.
Monday will be wasted going to Kenai and returning.
Tuesday we are going to unload some of the trailer to get the lawn tractor and the dump trailer out for moving gravel. Hopefully, we will get the stove going and the water heater electric connected. HOT SHOWERS in our new home. Perhaps, we will move in by Thursday or Friday.


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