A Bit of a Break – Oct. 9, 2017

Today we had our water delivered and we are back rolling in the H2O.  So, now we are able to check to see if the water heater leaks and if the faucet in the bathtub works.

Low and behold!  Water!  Yes, after just a few spins to tighten the nut thingy on the water  heater we no longer leaked.  As for the bathtub, it works but the cold water knob makes for leakage.  No worries.  Dad is off to Kenai to get new parts for that and the correct parts for the stove, we had gotten the wrong pipes.  We also needed more foam insulation board to finish a few more projects around the house and got a few more electrical stuff.

While Dad was in Kenai, I took a really needed shower.  Of course, I ran out of hot water pretty quick.  Turns out when you have long hair that is greasy dirty it needs longer to wash and rinse.  So the water went cold while trying to rinse off.  I stood there in the shower shivering until some hot water built back up to finish the rinse job.  It was a really nice shower until that happened.  Soon, I will be able to take a long hot shower in the house.  I can’t wait!

After my shower, I washed all the dishes.  Due to the fact that we didn’t have water meant we couldn’t wash dishes.  (forehead smack)

So, I washed all the dishes, separated the meat Dad go from he store in which made 5 meals and one for tonight.  Tomorrow will be chicken marsala the Summer way.

Okay, back on track.  After the dishes I went outside feeling clean and refreshed and went to work.  I covered all the exposed water pipes with pipe foam and tomorrow we will be closing up that wall and tyveking it.  Once that happens we are ripping out the old sheet rock and adding insulation and new drywall.  Then, the bathroom will be breeze free and ready for the new sink vanity.  Hot showers await!

We are also going to sheet rock the walls where the stove is and the kitchen.  We need to get something that resembles a kitchen pretty fast.  The only things that are motivating me is not having to walk outside to the bathroom at 2:30 am, big hot shower, and moving out of the camper that seems to get smaller and smaller everyday.  We have a hard working day ahead of us.  I am glad I had a little break today.




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