Bob’s Version: Day 16

Day 16

Homestead Little victories. We all forget that life isn’t always filled with big victories. Real life is about a series of small daily victories compounded into a fulfilled victorious life. The expectation of so many people is that everything will work out is foolish. Everything works out, if you are working your ass off while you wait for it to work out. Today our small victories were that Summer finished digging the trench for the electrical service and buried the conduit. We got a measurement for the wire that we will need to complete the connection and I got some of the final water situation in hand. Tomorrow I have to go to Kenai AGAIN. Will be getting up at the crack of doom so as to get back as early as possible.
A couple of days from now I expect to move into the house. We’ve got some sealing up to do and some sheetrock work to do. But it is just another minor hurdle to jump through. We are sick of living in the camper. The privacy issue has not been a big problem but everyone needs some some real privacy not only out of sight but out of ear shot. Who in their right mind would want to hear me mumbling about one damned thing or another. I talk to myself a lot. Connie used to complain about my talking to myself. My retort was    ” When I want to talk to someone intelligent, I talk to myself”.   Actually, I work out problems by talking it out with myself.
I spent a few minutes today putting the things that need to be done in some semblance of order. If you took our task as a whole it is overwhelming. Taken as one small problem at a time it is completely doable. To state the obvious “Tomorrow is another day”.


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