Good Morning!

I’m drinking my coffee and going to get you caught up from yesterday.

As you know.  We have a working toilet in the house! YAY!


It might look a little rough in there but it flushes and is not a bucket or the great outdoors.  So this is a big victory! HAZZA!

Yesterday morning I started digging the trench to run our electric underground.  It has been a really rainy season and everything is muddy and smooshy.  Due to the saturated state of the ground it was easy to dig.

From there I ran the piping under the house to attach to the breaker board in the house.  I enjoyed coupling the pipe together it was fun.


While I was doing this.

Dad was working on hot water.


Then, we measured how much electrical wire we needed to run through the pipe from the panel outside to the inside house panel.  Fun stuff!  Soon we will be able to hook up the water heater and we will have hot showers in the bathroom!

Today, we had a visit from Jeffery from Dirt Junkie Landscaping.  He is going to dig our 7 foot deep 25 foot long trench for our water line.  This will prevent our water line from freezing.

Dad is going to Kenai today to buy a new toilet, a new door, and some other odds and ends to make all projects work.

I am cleaning the camper today and trying to move excess clothes to the house.  It would be nice be alb to walk without seeing extra clothes and coats laying around all over the place.

I am also soaking beans for my 16 bean soap.  That’s whats for dinner folks!  It takes a lot of protein and carbs to function and we haven’t been getting enough of of them.  I have lost weight and I ain’t complaining about that! Not at all!  I’ve been wanting to shed about 10 pounds anyway.  Love the Alaska Diet.  Work hard eat less.

After cleaning the house I will be moving wood to another place so we have room for the Bobcat thats gonna dig our hole on Saturday.

Well, that’s about it for now.  Here’s a homestead selfie for ya’ll! Have a great day and be safe out there.



One thought on “Good Morning!

  1. Keep up the great work and positive outlook.
    I know it is sometimes hard when you step back and see all that needs to be done but take it from an old man that you will get there. When Rose and I first walked the boundary line for her property there was nothing there but trees but we just kept at it and now 15 years later there are three nice homes on the property that we built. Yes there were times of struggle but for just three (not young) people with no construction experience we did ok. If you want to see what working from nothing to a livable house is I sent a link to a posting your father made of construction on some of the houses we built yesterday.


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