1st Day on the Alaska Highway “ALCAN”

This morning we left Dawson Creek, BC to embark on the famous Alaska Hwy.  We have heard so many stories about how bad this highway is.  We were told that it was a bumpy torn up road that will tear up your tires and suspension.

They must be talking about the Alaska side of the highway because we have encountered newly paved roads, construction for newly paved roads, and a few bumps here and there.  Now, we are still in Canada and not that far into this highway.  So I am not going to think that it is all going to be smooth driving just from today.  I’m sure it gets worse somewhere, maybe in the Yukon.  I just don’t know.

The views were just beautiful today on this historic road.  It also contained 8% down grades that makes your brakes smoke as you’re trying not to let gravity take over your vehicle and go warp speed down a mountain.  It was sort of like having control of a roller coaster and not wanting to control it.  You just have to and pray you don’t burst into flames while going ridiculous speed.  For a moment there, I thought we had gone to plaid.

We are now docked at Triple “G” RV for the night.  We are going to check our spare tires on top of the bus to make sure they are still tightly strapped on.  Dad and I are having our first Vodka and 7up for the day and relaxing just a bit before we do a few more chores and then dinner.  We have 1512 miles to go before we reach our new home in Homer, Alaska.  I can’t wait.  I can’t wait to be off the road and stationary.

It’s been a long haul so far.  I can’t wait to start unloading our belongings and try to get as settled as we can before we leave to go back to Florida for some unfinished business.

It will be an easier trip due to that fact we will be hauling an empty trailer and just the Ram, but I almost hope we get snowed in so we can take a break and really get settled.  You never know.

Until next time!  Same old computer and a whole different place.


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