Dawson Creek, BC

Well, we made it to the beginning of the Alaskan Highway and Mile Marker 0.  Now the fun begins.

We made it without a hitch to Dawson Creek, British Columbia from Whitecourt, Alberta. After some electrical problems on the bus the day before we were still able to make some tracks.  It was a four hour layover before the bus was fixed and ready to roll.  I took a nap for an hour or so.  This has not been an easy trip but today was a good day.  We made it a short day so that we could replenish the food supply and get some heavier clothing.  Looking at the pictures Dad remarked that he had a bad case of “hat head’.  He’d been wearing a cap all day.  Tomorrow we set out on the infamous ALCAN.  Everyone has told us how terrible this road is and we’re about to find out if it is true.  Wish us luck.

The showers here at Northern Lights RV Park are metered.  I’ve never heard of such a thing.  I took pictures because I was so amazed.  It makes me think back when I was in Paris.  I had to pay 2 euros just to go to the bathroom and do number 1.  Women had to pay 2 Euros no matter what, men paid by what they had to do;  1 Euro to pee and 2 to poop.

So, I think that this is ridiculous!  I would never pay for a shower even if it is nicer than mine in my fifth wheel.  I also had to pay 3 Canadian dollars per load of laundry.  Lucky, our U.S. dollar is stronger right now and it was about what it cost to do a load in the U.S normally.  They have very nice facilities.  I just wouldn’t pay for a shower.

Any who, we wake up early tomorrow morning and high tail it up to the Yukon, hopefully.

Wish us luck and pray for our safety.  God bless and good night!


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