Second Day on the Alaska Highway: Where the Buffalo Roam

This morning went without a hitch with Bertha the Beast in front scratching her way to the top of the mountains.  She was slow and steady sometimes only 10 mph, but she would make it.  Along the way we saw caribou of plenty and lots of red tailed hawks.

Soon, we found ourselves stuck in a not so great position, well Bertha the Beast did.  She clawed her way up as far as she could before completely stopping almost to the summit of one of the mountains.  I had to drop the fifth wheel camper at the top and go back for them (Dad and Bertha).  It’s not her fault she’s over weight and out of shape we took a gamble on her, so far she’s paying off with minor difficulties.  Anyway, we chained Bully Boy Spike to Bertha, threw Spike into 4 wheel drive low and off we go with Bertha’s help.  We chug all the way to the top and rehook the camper to the back of Spike.  No sweat!


I found where the buffalo still roam.  It seems they are all in the Northern Rockies and the Yukon.  I saw whole heard of buffalo and then some lonesome bulls minding their own business.  It was so cool!  It was like a Canadian Safari!

In total, we saw hawks, several caribou, one fox, and a heard of bison.


2 thoughts on “Second Day on the Alaska Highway: Where the Buffalo Roam

  1. This trips sounds so incredible i’m going to have to see this for myself one day! All of the animals you’ve encountered … the fox, the bison, the caribou! I’m so jealous! 🙂 It does sound like a fantastic Canadian safari indeed! The red-tailed hawks are really awesome, I recently took my boyfriend for a falconry class and we flew them! 🙂


  2. You haven’t seen anything yet… the true adventure begins when you pass Ft Nelson then you will have the wonder of the sheep on the highway around Summit Lake, the awesome coloring of Muncho Lake, bears around Haines Junction and finally a view so wonderful around Kluane Lake that one knows it was the handiwork of God!

    Safe roads ahead


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