Dad’s Alaska

Here’s a toast to all the scared silly Millennials.

24 May 2020 Sunday A take it easy day. Summer and I got the travel trailer hooked up to The Beast.

The Beast

When we tried to pull it out one set of wheels had to go over a hump. It wouldn’t go over the hump. The Beast dug some pretty deep holes trying to pull the trailer. I spent ten minutes or so digging the truck out. Several ‘running starts’ were done by backing the trailer up as far as possible and the flooring it in The Beast. No luck. I retrieved the Land Rover and chained that up to The Beast. Together we were able, after a couple of attempts, to drag the trailer over the hump and out onto the gravel next to the road. When I got out of the Rover, I saw trenches that the trailer tires had made coming forward. It was at this time that we realized that we weren’t smart because we had dragged the trailer with the brakes locked. We had forgotten to put the plastic pin into the emergency break away switch on the trailer. If the plastic pin isn’t in place the trailer brakes are automatically locked. It is, apparently, true that you can’t fix stupid. In our defense, it is approaching three years ago when we parked the trailer. Neither of us has been back into it more than, maybe, twice. We haven’t hooked it up or moved it since we arrived in September 2017. Maybe we aren’t that stupid, we simply forgot. Anyway, the travel trailer has been moved to a place where its’ new owner will be able to hitch it up and go. We have some repairs to make. The roof and the back shell had separated when we purchase it three years ago. I patched it up as best I could at the time but over time the caulk had failed. Water has leaked in at the two rear corners and damaged the ceiling. This will have to be repaired before we can sell the unit. There are several other repairs that need to be made. One of the propane gas heaters doesn’t run at all and the other has bad bearings in the blower motor. The sliding privacy door between the lower and upper section has come off the rollers. All of the blades on the ceiling fan are broken. And lastly the slide out for the bedroom is making a funny popping noise and really doesn’t want to slide out. Summer told our neighbor that we were considering selling it AS IS for $5000 and he about had a heart attack he was so excited. He told Summer that we would be foolish to sell it so cheap. We could easily get $10,000, if everything was working properly and that he would help. So-o-o-o-o tomorrow, I’ll be working on the travel trailer instead of the house.

That’s it for me. Vodka:30 came early. What I really need is an early Christmas.


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