Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to all of the brave men and women of our military past and present

25 May 2020 Monday I cleaned house, did the dishes and did laundry. I decided to take a shower and change the sheets on my bed. These activities took up my morning.

Today I began the travel trailer inspection. I know all of the obvious problems but I’m looking for the hidden problems that might stop the sale. I found no other problems so I began to work on the roof water leak problem. I figured out that there was a roofing product that I could permanently stop the leak. As it happened Dan, Summer’s significant other, had just finished roofing the addition of his house and had the roofing sealer I needed. He, also, had the wood panel I needed two repair the ceiling inside the trailer. I got the material for the roof. The material couldn’t be installed as there was a lot of old caulk that needed to be removed before the roof sealer could be put installed. I spent about two hours cleaning up the messy, dried caulk. There were a some screws pulled out so I replaced those and this tightened up the joint. Then it started to look like it might rain so I caulked the joint with some water proof caulk and delayed the weather proofing until tomorrow. I decided to break for some lunch at about 2:00 PM.

After a bit of lunch, I took a vacuum cleaner and a broom to the trailer. The interior cleaning was pretty easy. Pick up the bits of trash and vacuum. Swept the tiled areas in the bathroom and kitchen and that completed all I could do today. BTW It didn’t rain. About the time I finished this little project Summer came home from her work.

It was time to quit and start supper.


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