Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to enslaving America using COVID-19 fear.

09 April 2020

We, through our fear, have allowed the government to put us all under ‘house arrest’. It astounds me that we have allowed ourselves to enslaved by an irrational fear. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about this theft of our freedoms. I would never have thought that the Americans would allow themselves to be so easily panicked and kowtowed. America has become a country of cowards. I am relieved that my Dad and most of “The Greatest Generation” are not alive to see this unbelievable cowardice. They charged out of landing craft, flew in planes through flak so thick you could walk on it (quoting my Father, a B-17 crewman) scared silly but doing their job. Now all of you are cowering in your homes like children hiding under the covers of their bed to keep away the boogyman. 16,000,000 million people out of work and only 14,000 deaths. I am ashamed of myself for allowing this government propaganda to effect my life and you should be just as ashamed. Does this stupidity makes sense?? You’re afraid of this?? It’s time for you to get off your duff and do something before there is no America. I am no longer staying at home just to obey the government. I am an AMERICAN will not sacrifice my freedoms to a government and I will not live in fear of what ‘might’ happen.


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