Dad’s Alaska

08 April 2020

Still have knee troubles. Tried to go hands and knees under the house. I thought that the knee was healed enough but the pain let me know that it wasn’t. I’m not getting the under the house leveling project. This lack of progress is holding up much other remodeling. Very frustrating.

Summer had to go into town AGAIN. She had run out of the flats into which her plant pots are set. They keep the water from running out on the floor. Her plants are growing like crazy and she has been having to repot them every few days. If breakup doesn’t go more quickly she’ll be harvesting tomatoes, Brussel sprouts and bell peppers in the house.

I decided that since I was unable to crawl that I decided to dig out the dump truck. I had about 30 inches od snow and ice between it and the road. The snow shovel proved to be useless. I ended up using a flat nosed metal shovel. It took me about 20 minutes to break through the icy crust and remove the ice and snow.

Nothing left but ice

It won’t be coming out of its’ parking spot until the ice on the ground melts. After removing as much as I could down to the solid ice on the ground I turned my digging skills to partially digging out the tractor. Dug out enough to be able to install the replacement axle.

Poor ;ittle Pasquale

I’ve got the axle assembly. Now if it the snow will just go away. Looks a mess but is a useful piece of equipment that needs a simple repair.

Made some serious storage errors last Fall. Put both of our trailers out in the equipment parking area. The problem is that I did not account for 2-3 feet of snow. I need to get one or both of them but there ain’t no way, Jose’. The pictures below are of the trailers we can’t get to yet

After partially digging out the tractor, I turned my attention to trying to clear off the collapsed tent.

Tent collapsed by snow

In the collapsed tent are gas cans, other items and more importantly the Kawasaki four wheeler. Summer wants her 4 wheeler. I spent about an hour getting the snow and ice off the tent. Summer and I tried to prop the tent up but that proved to be a futile exercise. Decided that we’d have to take the material off the broken frame. Got it partially off the frame before coming to the realization that some of it was frozen into the snow bank. This will project will have to wait until we get more thawing.

Last year at this time the weather was warm and there was no snow or ice. This year my Spring fever has quickly subsided. Now I’m just very frustrated that I’m getting next to nothing done.

That’s all for today.


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