Bob’s Version: Florida Bound Day 6

Day 6 Saturday 12/09/2017.

Got up real late from my first night of undisturbed sleep.   Took the dogs out and discovered a flat tire on the trailer. It was the last of the factory supplied tires. Not having a plan, I decided to brush my teeth and my stringy gray hair.   No restaurant or convenience store closer than a mile and I was desperate for coffee.
I started Spike when I started walking the dogs so he was warmed up and ready to go after I finished brushing. I had decided to limp into town and find someone who would change the tire. I have the stuff to do it but not the will to do it. Kneeling in the snow to jack the trailer up and change the tire is more than I was up to this morning.  It was just as well as the Fountain Tire Goodyear dealer discovered that the spare was flat due to a split in the rim.  I was screwed no matter what, on my own.
It turns out that 6 lug 15 inch rims are very rare. If they are so hard to find why did the trailer builder use the damned things?   Luckily one of the management people decided to look in their dead stock and found a chromed aluminum rim of the correct configuration.  They had no steel rims and couldn’t find any in town..  One tire, one rim and 2 1/2 hours later I was again on the road after drinking six cups (very small) of their coffee.
Took a wrong turn out of Dawson Creek and drove 15 miles out of the way.  Ended up in Grand Prairie anyway.  Lost about 20 minutes of my life going the long way. At least, I wasn’t going toward Alaska. Drove almost 4 hours to that racist city of Whitesport.  There I filled up the fuel tank and the DEF tank at an ESSO convenience store before moving to a very large truck parking lot next door.
Made a vodka-seven, fed the dogs, walked the dogs and, finally made myself a roast beef/Frito sandwich.  No matter how disgusting a sandwich might be the placing of his Fritos inside it will make it, at the very least, palatable.   The roast beef was very good, I just wanted some crunch.
Two vodkas and I’m calling it. Going to the C store restroom to brush my teeth and go to bed.  It’s only 8:30 but I am tired and I intend to get an early start tomorrow.  I need to do 600 miles tomorrow just to get back on schedule. It will be wonderful to get back on US highways. These Canadian highways are barely marked. At night you could be driving on the shoulder of the oncoming lane and he not know it.  No matter how screwed up you think American roads are they are only 10% as screwed up as Canadian roads.


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