Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to ballon enthusiasts everywhere, especially China.

I want to thank Xi Jinping for proving to all of us great unwashed that Joe Biden and the Biden family are vassals of the Chinese Communist Party. I have tried my best to think of a single good reason, any reasonable explanation, for not shooting down the Chinese spy ballon when it crossed into Alaska. I have been unable to think of a single one that would explain why the Commander in Chief of the entire US Military did not order the damned thing shot down immediately. With that in mind I fall back on Occam’s Razor. The hypothesis that makes the fewest assumptions is the preferred hypothesis. Or you could say that the simplest answer is usually the correct answer. The latter is not always true but it is true a great percentage of the time. The simplest answer and the hypothesis that makes the fewest assumptions is that Joe and his family are completely compromised by the Chinese Communists. There really can be no other explanation. The device was downed over the salt water so that any data stored in the electronics would be destroyed. If you drop an operating electronic device into salt water it usually fries itself. Again Occam’s Razor applies.

On another matter, it seems that the entire Department of Justice has been completely and thoroughly corrupted. They interfered in the last presidential election. Of that fact there is no doubt. The colluded with the Big Tech companies to censor political speech. They told the Big Tech companies that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. Prior to the 2020 election, they hid and did not publicly release the Hunter Biden laptop information that seems to implicate Joe Biden in selling access to American government policies and officials. Also, they knew and hid the fact that Joe Biden was illegally in possession of and had improperly stored classified material. We, at this point, have no idea what was in the material and who had unfettered access other than the drug addled Hunter Biden. However, it would seem more than likely that Joe’s two brothers, also, had access to this classified material. By all appearances the FBI in Washington is corrupt right down to its’ core. What the new Congress can do about it is unclear. They could cut funding to the FBI but not until next year. They can refer Contempt of Congress cases to the FBI, the corrupt FBI, that they are currently investigating. That is the only other real power that the Congress has. The FBI management seems uninterested in these cases except where they concern Conservatives or Republicans. Who is going to arrest the FBI personnel? The FBI will, most likely, have to arrest itself. I can’t really see that happening.

On the home front, I had cataract surgery on the 23rd past. The surgery went sideways a bit. The lense installed did not go into its’ proper position. I have 20/20 vision in that eye but I still had to see a specialist in Anchorage. Because of the complications of the lense failing to seat properly, I could end up blind in that eye. This means that I must have another surgery that could result in my being blind in that eye anyway. It’s one of those “damned if you do or damned if you don’t” situations. All of this mess was generated by wanting to be able to see to drive at night and much better in the daytime. I just barely passed the ‘without glasses’ eye test to renew my drivers license a few weeks ago. And another thing. Every trip to Anchorage for this eye situation ends up costing almost $500. Motels, food and gasoline are not cheap in Alaska. When I was up there I stayed in a cheap Motel 6 at $116 a night and stayed 2 nights. I burned $140 in fuel to get there and back. The reason that then fuel bill was so high was that that the SUBARU was in the shop for front strut replacement. One of them broke on Sunday before I was supposed to go to Anchorage on Monday. I had to drive Summer’s Chevy 1500 gas hog. During my trip and stay, I ate four meals that averaged $20 each plus tips and had to buy coffee four times at McDonalds for $2 a cup. Total cost for two days of travel, two nights in a motel and one day at the doctor’s office was was approximately $500. Three days shot to hell and I have to do it again later this month for the actual surgery which may entail four days. To some of you that may not seem to be a lot of money. To me it is a crap load of cash for which I have better uses like groceries, vodka and scotch. One good thing is that $818 later the Subaru is repaired and that should get my fuel costs down to about $80 and Summer won’t need to borrow a truck from Dangerous Dan’s fleet.

The road in the Chugach Mountains National Park on the way to Anchorage. This was supposed to be a video, I am, apparently, incompetent at videography.

Below are a couple of pictures of Summer cooking crabs in the great outdoors. The pot stand is some metal pieces I rescued from the dump a year or two back. Proves, yet again, you never know what you might need.

The west end of the house is periodically making cracking noises. It is as yet not supported by a concrete pier. The ground froze solid before Dangerous Dan could get to it. A few days ago we had an earthquake of 3 something and the house shook and the west end made a cracking noise. Of course, this event had to happen while I was doing business on the commode. This was not you epic movie earthquake. It was one jolt and done. Still it gave me a start and a very good reason to finish my business. One of my very few fears in Alaska is being caught on the commode with my pants around my ankles during a big earthquake. I really don’t want to have my wet, cold dead body found with my pants down and my privates exposed to the world.

We’ve not had a lot of snow, so far. It hasn’t been very cold. There have been a couple days in a row that were in the single digit temperature range but it has mostly been lows in the teens and highs in the high 20s and low 30s. Summer’s parking space here at the house is now a skating rink. She parks the hot truck and it melts any little bit of snow that freezes overnight to become ice. The rest of the property is covered in crunchy, crusty snow. Anyway, I wear my cleats outside because under that crunchy snow may be slippery ice. I’m too damned old to be falling down even in the snow.

Another spectacular sunrise viewed through the window on the east end of the house.

Summer and some of the local gardening ladies got together a day or so back to order seeds for this coming Spring. Summer has cut her ambitious gardening plans down to a bare minimum which suits me just fine. He plans always entail me having to do some heavy labor so that she can carry out those plans. We’re still going to need to buy 40-50 yards of dirt. I’m really looking forward to wheel barrowing all or most of that into the greenhouse and onto the potato patch. Our best crop from last year was rocks. Every Spring, I till the potato patch and the greenhouse. Every Spring the tiller gets stalled by a bunch of big rocks. I have begun to think that rocks are the winter crop. I clear them every Spring and then the next Spring there are more of them. They are, undoubtedly, growing from small rocks into tiller stalling rocks over the winter. There just doesn’t seem to be any other explanation.

Well that’s it. It’s Saturday and house cleaning is on the agenda. To quote Red Green “Y’all keep your stick on the ice”.

Afternoon in Homer


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