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27 March 2020

Slept late again. Might be that old age is creeping up on me. I have always heard old people complaining about not sleeping. That does not seem to be this old man’s problem. I go to bed at about midnight and get up around 8 AM. Have been in this same sleep pattern for a couple of decades, at least. Lately, I seem to be sleeping to 9 or even 10. Could be that I have sleep apnea along with high blood pressure. Whether I do or don’t, there is no time available to screw around going to some sleep clinic to find out. I guess sleeping an extra hour or two isn’t the worst thing in the world that could happen to me.

Yesterday I got the new kitchen wall installed. Today I ran the plumbing for the refrigerator ice maker and installed the electrical outlets that will be needed for the kitchen. Also, put a receptacle on the Living Room side so that I can plug in a night light until I become accustomed to the new wall. Summer wanted it for the vacuum cleaner but I wanted it so that I don’t walk into a wall where there was once an opening.

I’m planning to move the main breaker panel out of the bathroom and into the hallway. That will make more centrally located and easier to find in the dark. With that in mind I am making all of the ‘home runs’ terminate at the new location for the main panel. By terminating them at the new location, I am insuring that I will move the panel. If I didn’t I’m likely to procrastinate until it never happens.

The new wall with the wiring and plumbing.

Still watching the fiasco that is the COVID-19 “pandemic”. Here in Alaska one person has died. He died in Seattle but Alaska got the credit since he’d recently arrived from and was a resident of Alaska. Anchorage has instituted the ‘shelter in place’ policy. They’ve, also, commandeered an auditorium to shelter several hundred homeless people. It seems that, by some convoluted logic, cramming all of them in one place is going to protect them from the Corona Virus. I’m not quite sure how that is supposed to work. They are placing their cots 6 feet apart. I guess this is “social distancing” for the hapless and ne’er-do-wells that live outside the confines of normal society. They are being socially distanced by being rounded up and forced into a containment facility. Sounds a lot like a concentration camp to me.

Summer spent some of her day tending to her garden starts. Repotting those that were or nearly root bound and planting a few new things. Yesterday she located the small incubator and began incubating goose eggs. Goose eggs sell for 75 cents each but goslings sell for $7. The electricity to hatch 6 eggs is likely not more the 3-4 dollars so hatching them makes a lot more sense than selling the eggs. Currently there is no one selling goslings in the area so there should be a good market for the little critters.

I finished the day by cleaning up the construction debris and cleaning the kitchen. Summer was off to Dan’s for dinner and it was another ‘make your own dinner’ night. We had a roast that had been slow cooked but I just didn’t feel like making any sides to go with it. I microwaved a TV dinner and had a glass of tea. From freezer to chewing in less than ten minutes. When I was about 13, I ate my very first TV dinner. It was a Swanson’s something or other. Having never eaten one, I thought that this was what rich people ate. When all you’ve ever known the food that was cooked in your own kitchen, it was like some kind of unprecedented luxury. Of course, back then you heated them in the stove oven as we didn’t have microwave ovens. They weren’t invented just yet. I will say that they taste better now than then.

Okay. Enough chatter. On to more important things like putting up sheetrock on the new wall.


3 thoughts on “Dad’s Alaska

  1. Another day with a lot accomplished. Sounds like you are on your way to finishing a lot of projects. Can’t wait to see the finished house and I bet you can’t either.


  2. Another day with a lot accomplished. Sounds like you are on your way to finishing a lot of projects. Can’t wait to see the finished house and I bet you can’t either.


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