Dad’s Alaska

18 March 2020 Woden’s Day

Today was another hundreds of gallons of snow melt and rain water running under the house day. Did not get a great deal done. Went into town in the vain effort to contract the Wuhan flu.. Didn’t get the Wuhan Flu but I did get some 2x4s, some deck screws and some electric boxes to install in the new wall. The new wall is to cover one side of the stairs going to the second floor. Summer wanted another better place for the TV and to cover the steps so that Gandie the Elder doesn’t fall off the steps and kill himself. He’d already taken one fall that didn’t hurt him but had he been two steps higher it might have been a serious problem. Another little wall is going to allow us to move the refrigerator to a better place in the kitchen. Got the 1/4″ copper tubing for the ice maker water supply. Seems the more I do the more I need to do.

19 March 2020 Thor’s Day

Today was a road trip. 293 miles to a place 20 miles into the country and then 3.5 miles down a dirt road covered in soft, mushy, slippery snow. I drove that 3.5 miles at about 5 miles per hour. My mission was to pick up Summer’s two beehives and some ancillary materials. Having procured the bee stuff, I drove another 293 miles back to Fritz Creek. This all took 13 hours of road time. The picking up time was less than ten minutes. The rest of the time was driving. I’m tired and through for the day.

The beginning of the Sterling Highway in the Chugach Mountains
Chugach Mountains again
Seward Highway at Turnagain Arm south of Anchorage


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