Dad’s Alaska

I’m corroding but not because of some damned virus.

Today was a day of discovery. I’m discovering things that were either left out by accident or dropped with the intention of picking it up before the snow. The stuff dropped with intention was/is mostly trash. Bits of paper, collapsed cardboard boxes and other detritus of a similar nature became visible for the first time in months. Found a hammer that I’ve looked for several times since last December. It was lying on top of a bright blue water drum next to where I had been pulling nails out of lumber retrieved from the land fill. Reason: Good pine lumber is very expensive in Alaska and for the price of my time (near worthless) I can get a $100+ worth of lumber that some contractor has tossed. In a few more days, most especially if it starts to rain, I’ll be able to move my ‘parts tractor’ to its’ new resting place. Then I can scavenge the parts I need to repair my ‘good’ tractor. After the tractor is repaired the real work begins. Gravel to be spread, garden dirt to moved and, most importantly, dirt removed from the big hole that will be the foundation for the addition to the house. I have “The Beast’ bed packed nearly full and am readying to haul it all to the landfill.. If it isn’t raining tomorrow, I’ll make that 25 mile roundtrip.

I spent a couple of hours putting away winter clothing. This led to deciding what else I need to donate to The Salvation Army. I have enough coats, hoodies and other winter gear to outfit a small army. What I don’t have is enough space to store all of the stuff. Some of the stuff still has the sales tags in it and some of it has been worn only once or twice. I’m sure that there is someone who will need it more than me next winter. Problem is local Salvation Army store is closed for the fake pandemic. Leaving it outside their Receiving door is likely to get it damaged, if it rains, or stolen. Neither case accomplishes what I want. SA making a little money and a needy person getting a good coat for a small price or free. It’ll wait,, I guess.

Another exciting thing to happen today was that the error code for no cold water came up on the washer as Summer was trying to wash and put away some winter clothing. Simple to fix but still a pain in the tush. Turn off the water, take off the hose, remove the little in line filter, clean of the little filter, reinstall the filter, reattach the hose, turn on the water and, finally, check for the leak and the stop it by tightening the hose more. Whew!!! I’m tired just writing about it.

I am still tasting and smelling things. I guess I’m still C-19 free. I’m social distancing. Not because I am obeying the illegal pronouncements of the local Communist government, but because I don’t know anyone to visit and I don’t need anything in town. Both reasons are by choice. Most people seem to be more trouble than they are worth. I’ve had two friends in my life my best friend and late wife, Connie and my 2nd best friend Bobby Cecil. Both of them are dead and I’m too old to have time to cultivate one for the 15-20+ years required to have an old friend. Not having more old friends is my own fault. I have just never had time or have taken the time to spend on things like making friends. Friends are time eaters and I’ve always felt the weight and pressure of time. I always felt that I might die any minute and I had stuff that I wanted to do before I died. Oddly enough I’m still feeling that pressure and now, at my age, I know my demise is imminent. Through the years, I have met thousands of people and have had dozens of acquaintances all of whom I sort of liked. The biggest problem, however, it that I am a major A-hole according to some people. People don’t like you to be sure of what you think and they certainly don’t want you to tell them what you think. I have often told people, “If you didn’t want my opinion why did you ask?” Also, “If you don’t like my opinion, you shouldn’t have asked.” I spent much of my life in sales. Sales people are supposed to be people persons. Over a few adult beverages most sales people will tell you just how much they detest much of the human race. I don’t know what got me onto this rant but I hereby declare it as finished as it is likely to get. “Now where did I leave that 1 1/8 wrench last fall?”

Was supposed to have rained today. It didn’t. They can tell you that the Earth will be 2 degrees hotter in 2090 but they can’t predict the next days’ damned weather. The temp was well above freezing (about 45F) and was almost short sleeve shirt weather. The snow is melting but not as quickly as it would if it would come a good soaking rain along with the higher temps. They are predicting rain for tomorrow, as well. We’ll see.

As more info on the C-19 “pandemic” comes available we are finding that it isn’t a “pandemic”. It has proven to be Ageist and Racist. In America, it is killing ‘Boomers’ and black people. Overweight and out of shape puts you in the crosshairs. Early on I heard it referred to as “The Boomer Killer”. This kinda pissed my off until I realized that I’m not a Boomer. I’m a War Baby. I was born during WWII so I think that makes me immune to “The Boomer Killer”. This is, perhaps, the greatest hoax ever perpetrated upon the world. We have allowed the destruction of the economies of virtually every Western Democracy and our own Republic. For what? The damned virus is killing people many of whom are already extremely ill and not long for this earth anyway. Those unfortunate people would have been better served by being able to see their families and have an economy that provided the necessary services to keep them alive. The hospitals are empty and thousands of them are trapped in some God forsaken nursing home that is locked down and with completely inadequate medical services. The lock down was to protect the public while it is causing the healthy among the nursing home residents to die. They’re dying uselessly and alone in some isolated, sterile room with nary a witness to their passing. My Grandmother Byrd always said, “Everyone dies alone”. BUT, I don’t think this is what she had in mind when she said that. It is time to stop this idiocy and get America back to work. This stupidity is killing healthcare professionals and the frailest among us because “We the people” are frozen with fear.

My America is fearless. What America do you live in?

Dad’s Alaska

4 April 2020 Saturday

Woke up this morning with my left knee aching and feeling swollen. Since I spent 9-10 hours sitting in my recliner yesterday, I don’t understand how it could be sore. I have not taken a fall anytime in the past year or so and it would be very difficult to bang it against something in a reclining position. It’s a mystery. I guess could have wrestled a bear, defeated a squad of ninjas or saved the world from space aliens. I don’t remember anything about doing any of those things, so they seem unlikely. Like just about everything else in my life, I have a mystery but no clues or it might be that I’m just clueless. Either one works.

Did not get up at my usual 8 AM. I was up at 7:30 to let the dogs out. After they had concluded their business outside, I let them in. That was at about 7:40. I stood by the back door for a minute or maybe two, trying to think of a good reason not to go back to bed. I could not think of a single good reason to stay up so I went back to bed. I got up at 9:30 when Summer arrived home. She made the coffee so I had to get up.

Now that I am up, I can see that the sun is trying to break thought the clouds and give us another “bright, bright, bright sunshiny day”. I’m about halfway through my first cup of coffee so my thoughts are semi-coherent and my fingers are kinda sorta hitting the correct keys. I took a typing course in high school and made a ‘D’. I could never type the required 40 words per minute. I have the hand-eye co-ordination of ….well I can’t think of an example bad enough. Never mind. I’ll just throw in a couple of pictures to distract you.

A Sun Dog

It is obvious, to me, that the American way of life is being destroyed. What will replaced it after all of this government interference in our daily lives is unclear. I do know that many Americans are stocking up on guns and ammunition. I’ve always been a fan of the Swiss. When their soldiers finish their mandated service they take their gun (mostly real automatic weapons) home with them. They have a continuous standing army, since every man must serve. Seems odd that you never, or rarely ever, hear of mass shootings in Switzerland. This is a country that remains neutral and refuses to participate in the stupid wars that politicians all over the world drag “We the people” into for no apparent reason. I am continually wondering why the hell we are still in Iraq or Yemen or any place else in that God forsaken part of the earth. I’m for just letting all of these Communist crazies, nutty religious sects and little Third World countries in Africa and South America (with their tin horn dictators), fight it out. If they attack us we should employ the full and complete awesome power of our military like we did in WWII and destroy everything. If we are attacked the attackers’ country should be reduced to rubble. All of that power, all at once with no mercy and no allowance for the fools to surrender. Total and complete annihilation of their military. No stone unturned. Nothing but death and destruction as far as the eye can see. After one example of that there would be no more attacks. The USA could become a neutral country like Switzerland. It is now that, our national interests are so much closer to home, we should make it clear that we will no longer be a target. We are now no longer dependent on OPEC for oil and it is time for Europe to grow up or a pair or both. With all of the new technology coming available, oil production in the U.S. is very high. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, California and Alaska have billions, if not trillions, of barrels of oil untapped. Not only do we have oil we have trillions of cubic feet of natural gas. Fracking has come to the forefront of oil production and is likely to remain so in the future in spite of the eco-wacko contingent. If the Europeans have troubles in the Middle East, it ain’t our problem.

My earthquake sensor has been going nuts for a couple of days. The earthquake reporting app I have on my phone has indicated about 30+ small (under 2 Richter Scale) earthquakes appearing on it in the past few days. My common sense is screaming “We’re gonna have a big one soon”. This cluster takes in both volcanoes on the other side of Cook Inlet and much of the Kenai Peninsula south of the Chugach Mountains. Anchorage had a 7.0 a year or so back. It translated to a 4 something down here in Fritz Creek. For that one we weren’t prepared or had any inkling that it might happen. Summer got caught upstairs and I was sitting downstairs. My first clue was when the TV started rocking back and forth. I immediately jumped up and grabbed the TV and held it for the duration. Summer came running down the stairs slightly panicked and asking “Don’t we need to go outside.” But then she burst out laughing when she saw me protecting the TV. By the time she stopped laughing the quake had stopped. A man has to have his priorities. The TV is now attached to the wall so that it can’t fall unless the wall falls. I discussed the number of small earthquakes with Summer and she jokingly suggested that maybe one or both of the volcanoes was about to blow. That was something that I hadn’t considered. Mt Iliamna blew it’s stack in 2016 and Mt Redoubt in 2009. Could be time for another fire and ash show. If it were to happen we might get some of the ash but the solid chunks of ejecta aren’t likely to get the 40-50 miles over to Fritz Creek. But I will drive the 30 miles around to Anchor point to watch.


Went into the big city of Homer today to get sandpaper to work on finishing the sheetrock in the upstairs bath. First time I’ve been off the property in several days maybe over a week, Can’t remember for certain as all of the days have run together. Did notice that except for the snow piled up by plowing there is near no snow anywhere in town. It was amusing to me to see all of the terrified citizens wearing masks. scarves and other snot blocking paraphernalia. The checkout counters at the local hardware store had sneeze guards like that was going to make a difference. One study has indicated that the sneeze production could travel 26 feet and hang in the air for near a half hour. “Yep, Dude. You are really, really safe behind that sneeze guard.” All of this seems to be a waste of time and energy as it serves no real purpose. There were more old people, like me, in the store than young people. Almost every younger person was wearing some kind of snot blocker and the older people weren’t. At some point, you begin to see foolishness for what it is.

At least, today I didn’t sit on my fat arse and eat. As Martha says, “That’s a good thing”. Summer and I sorted through the towels sheets, blankets and comforters to downsize and be rid of things we were never ever going to use again. Nothing wrong with it except the number of them or the size or the color. All of it will be going to the Salvation Army next time one of us goes to town. We brought a lot of stuff with us that we didn’t need and the Salvation Army is always in need. Since you are stuck at home, why don’t you do a bit of downsizing. You probably haven’t seen it in years and the Salvation Army or other local charity can convert it into cash that helps the less fortunate among us.

Y’all come back now. Ya hear?