Dad’s Alaska

Vodka equals sanity.

3 April 2020

A day of being useless. Spent the entire day watching television. Red Green and Jay Leno Headlines on Youtube. Later in the afternoon I started watching ‘SWAMP PEOPLE’. I’ve gotten out of my chair to go to the bathroom, take Miss Suzy to do her business, to get food and/or drink. I don’t think I can continue this foolishness. I am going to have to start doing something. Pretty much anything. The under floor project is on hold because I don’t feel like swimming through the mud. I am holding out hope that it will be well below freezing soon.

Summer and her friends are going for long walks during the early afternoon. She is painting some stuff in her new bathroom and that precludes my working on the sheet rock finishing. Can’t have that dust getting into he paint work.

The temp today has been about 40F so the snow is melting and the water is running under the house like white water rapids. Same as yesterday it is a real mud pit under there. Monday morning seems to be the, according to the weather forecast, will be well below freezing.

A beautiful winter sunset.

I still do don’t have the Wuhan Flu. The majority of America does not have the Wuhan Flu and are unlikely to even be bothered by it. And yet… here we are all still locked into our homes by the government and an unjustified fear. Yesterday I admitted that it might be in your best interest to stay home. However, it isn’t in the best interest of America for us to cower under our beds from the government or the virus. The main stream media hype is making this seem far worse than it is. They report every death but they don’t produce a single report about the people who have recovered. By doing this they are intentionally scaring the living crap out of virtually every American. Here in Alaska we have had only 3 deaths and an unknown number of cases. Chances are there are hundreds of people that have the virus and the death toll in minimal. All of the deaths were people that had serious health problems already. As it is there is no way we can develop any kind of ‘Herd Immunity’, if we continue to “shelter in place”. Herd Immunity is the only way we are going to be able to get past the so called ‘pandemic’. If we wait for the government to develop an injection to fight this we will go through this several more times. It will be months or maybe over a year before they develop an inoculation that will be safe for humans. If they rush this injection they may kill as many people as the Wuhan Virus. Since this virus seems to be killing fewer people than the current influenza strain, it is time for Americans to go back to work. Of course, anyone showing symptoms needs to stay home with their family, but the rest of us need to go back to work. Each of us has a choice. Do we sit at home on our asses or we get back to work. They can’t put us all in jail and we can tie up the courts for years on constitutional grounds. Make you decision. I’ve made mine, I’m going back to doing whatever I damned well please.

An October noon.

Life is too short to waste it cowering under the bed or watching 10 hours of TV.

The house and land when we arrived.
The land on our arrival in Sept 2017
East side of house in Sept 2017
Me after a hard day of moving into the homestead in 2017
Beautiful Fire Weed that makes great honey

Well, I’m through whining today. Y’all be careful and as Red says “Keep your stick on the ice”.

Dad’s Alaska

1 April 2020

A Winter Morn

Changed the picture because I figured that y’all might be tired of looking at my ugly mug. It is April Fool’s day and my late mother’s birthday. She was an April Fool’s joke on the world and a leading contestant for “The Worst Mother in the World”. She was a sociopath (read psychopath) whose only real concern was for herself. I’ve long since forgiven her for the lack of caring for we three boys. She was, apparently, sick and couldn’t help herself. Anyway, all of that has been a long time ago. The point of this exercise is to encourage you, during this forced closeness, to forgive even if you can’t forget. Carrying all of that anger through years or decades is really bad for your mental health.

Look at this, if you thought that the world wasn’t gone completely off its’ rocker. The level of stupidity and avarice is off the chart.

Today was not a busy day. Again I spent much of the day avoiding going under the floor and do the bit of leveling needed to finish my under floor project. There was a kitchen to clean, floors to sweep, news to read, TV to watch and wood to be brought inside.

Speaking of wood. Summer took ‘The Beast’ to Dan’s place where he is adding to his home. He is doubling the size of his ‘bachelor pad’. His existing home is beautiful but the new addition it will be near magnificent. Anyway, he had a truck load of ‘drops’ sawn off lumber he’d used in the construction. They loaded these scraps and they’ve been lying piled up in the bed of ‘The Beast’ for several days. Some of them were too long to go into the wood stove. I, reluctantly, decided to get off my duff and unload the truck and cut the ‘too large’ into usable pieces. All of the wood, newly sawn and others, had to be moved into the tent housing the firewood. All of it took a couple of hours and got me outside for some fresh air and exercise.

Summer had to go to town to get some parts for her newly installed shower. While she was there she bought, amongst other things, some Fritos. I like Fritos. My first exposure to the Frito frenzy was in high school. Prior to high school you could not buy whatever you want for lunch. At lunch, I would often have Fritos and ice cream. Of course, mixed together. The salty and sweet was delicious. What a nice memory. Lunch was my favorite class in high school. To say that I was “an uninspired student” is to make a really huge understatement. Aside from Fritos, I loved the library. I read 3-4 books a week during my 3 years at Hueytown High School. I did read the text books at the beginning of the year and took them to class but their residence at 3PM was my locker. All of those wonderful library books were the ones that went home with me.

Summer described her trip to town as scary. She said that some people weren’t abiding by the social distancing and she was almost afraid to touch anything. She is scared that she will bring the Hoax Virus home to me. She had some disinfectant wipes that she kept using after she left the stores. I, however, am not really worried about the Hoax Virus. I was going to go to town myself but Summer wasn’t having it. Since her car is parked so that I can’t get ‘The Beast’ out into the street she has me trapped here. Upon her return she stated “I’m not going back to town for a couple of weeks”.

Her return supplied me with the parts to finish her shower. The minor problem was that there was no metal pipe of the correct length. She purchased a plastic pipe that I was able to shortened to make it work. She now has a fully operating shower/tub in what was once a half bath. She is one happy camper to have her own private bath.

Well, I suppose I’m through complaining about stuff that I can’t do anything about anyway. As it happens, I’ve run out of excuses to avoid going under the floor so, I guess, tomorrow is the day.