Dad’s Alaska

I am still exercised about the loss of our First Amendment rights. I’m not sure that we’ll ever get them back. The Homer mayor, Democrat that he is, wants people to inform on their neighbors who don’t stay in their homes. We are now living in police state and we’re allowing it to happen. As for myself, I intend to go wherever I damned well please. You’ll have to make your own decision but adherence to these stupid edicts from the dumb asses you’ve elected is not highly recommended. You now don’t have to wonder anymore how Hitler got all of those seemingly good, honest people to do such terrible things, do you?

Easter is over. You can all go back to whatever sins that suit your taste. KIDDING!

Got some bad news from Summer last evening. She discovered that the front of the house had sunk about 1 1/2 inches. I hadn’t really noticed until she brought it to my attention. I pondered a bit on how this could have happened. After some brain damaging thought, it occurred to me that the front of the house faces south and that the ground in front had thawed. The thaw released the pilings from their little bit of frost heave and they sunk back down where they were before the freeze. The problem is that it has not been warm enough to thaw out the pilings at the back or under the house. For that reason they have not returned to their natural warm weather positions. Now I am stuck waiting until warmer, drier weather before I can finish leveling the house. I might just wait until I get the new addition wall under the front before I finish the leveling process. The new basement wall will be sitting on a concrete foundation and is unlikely to ever move except in a major earthquake. With the front of the house supported by the new basement wall the front will be fully stabilized. The middle and the back can be stabilized with concrete footers and leveled once and for all time (barring earthquakes). However, no matter how much I don’t want to do so, I’ve got to temporarily level the mess so that we can install the kitchen. Two steps forward then one step back is the story of my life.

Today I spent a couple of hours directing the melt water around the house. The more I direct away from the house the less time it will be before I can go under the house without swimming in a mud pit. I shoveled some more of the ice and snow away from my tractor. It is clear enough around it now to do the repair. All I have to do now is move the ‘parts tractor’ to a spot where I can leave it permanently after I disassemble it to repair my good tractor. Problem is there is still too much snow and ice between where it is and where I want it to be. I’m going to have a tractor up on concrete blocks. Does that make me a redneck? I thought so.

Neither Miss Suzy nor I slept very well last night. Or maybe it was that I didn’t sleep very well and kept disturbing her. As previously stated, “Sleeping is her best cute dog trick”. I went to bed at about 11:30 and I last saw the clock at about 1:30. After that I awoke several times hoping that it was time to get up. Waking up before time to get up is annoying because you are then forced to try to go back to sleep. Finally, I awoke and it was a little after 8:00. I could get out of that torture chamber, build a fire and make coffee. Life could begin again.

As I approach another evening, I am still not tired and dreading the night. It has always been that I have to be just dead on my feet tired to sleep soundly. Back in the day I would run three or four miles to wear myself out after working all day. Running is not an option now as I busted up a knee in an freak accident 20+ years ago. Tonight will probably be another one like last night. I sure hope not.

May the Corona Farce skip over you.

Dad’s Alaska

Killing corona viruses and enjoying it.

30 March 2020

Seems like only yesterday that the weather was brilliantly sunny, the sky was incredibly blue and it was colder than a well digger’s rear end in January. Actually, it wasn’t that cold but it’s Alaska and that is what non-Alaskans expect to hear. Actually, it was yesterday and the same again today. Standing in the sun and out of the wind it was weather to be dressed pretty much as you see me in the picture above. I don’t know if it is just that I’m becoming accustomed to the cold or it really is that warm. The temp was a few degrees above freezing during the day but is still dropping into the mid 20s at night. As described above the weather is absolutely beautiful.

I spent the entire day doing pretty much nothing. Did clean the kitchen, swept the floor and finished the laundry. Mostly, I sat and watched TV and reading the news on line. Aside from the news, there is very little on the web in which I have any interest. A quick perusal of Fakebook usually suffices to sate my appetite for gossip. I read newspapers from all over the world. I like to see what is going on in India, Australia, Mediocre Britain, France, Germany, Italy and numerous others. I, also, like to read the comic strips. I don’t get the Sunday ‘fish wrapper’ anymore so I don’t get to see the comics. Boredom is my enemy. All my life when my mind isn’t engaged it gets me into trouble. I get into all manner of things that seemed like a good idea at the time.

Summer and her friends all went for a walk about today. They, of course, maintained the ‘social distance’ thing. I did not walk. I guess I’m just too damned lazy. I gave up running some 50 years ago. I once did 3-4 miles every evening. Then I weighed about 150 lbs, Now I weigh about 210. That’s a lot of big fat arse to be hauling at speed. Then only incentive that might get me going faster than my normal ambling gait is if someone were after me with a knife. However, when I can work outside, I log 4000 or more steps almost every day. I am looking forward to the ice and snow being gone so that I can get back to getting some work done.

It’s another ‘make your own dinner’ night again. Leftovers again. Finished off what was left of the roast from two days ago.

Was going to upload several pictures but I still haven’t figured out this new iPad. I’m lucky that I can type on it.

My little Mac Air is more straight forward to use.