Dad’s Alaska

“Let freedom ring.”

18 April 2020 Saturday

Got another late start today. My excuse this time was staying up late watching and mostly searching for something to watch on TV. I give the movies about 15 minutes. If they are just too stupid or don’t grab my attention, I’m gone. Ended up watching one of the ‘Die Hard’ movies. Don’t remember the name but the star was hooked up with a computer geek to save America. I had seen it years ago but did not remember that until I was over half way through the movie. I’ve watched ‘Die Hard’ the Christmas movie 4-5 times. That and “you’ll shoot your eye out” are my favorite Christmas movies. Connie, myself and our two girls were watching Ralphie long before it became a ‘Thing’.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was out there were puffy white clouds and it was 57 degrees here in Fritz Creek. The snow melted so fast that you could almost see it disappear. There was, maybe, 3-4 of knots breeze with the occasional puff up to 8-10. It was a good day to burn the pile of debris accumulated last fall from picking up limbs, old rotted wood and stumps we had removed last summer. We had some additional clearing done and that pile of sticks and stumps were in the burn pile. We were notified that they will not be issuing ‘burn permits’ this year. At the beginning of May, you won’t be able to burn anything until next winter. Right now we don’t need a permit, we just make a courtesy call to the local officials and burn all of the crap we have piled up.

Summer and I spent most of the day tending the fire. We, spent a good deal of the time ‘stick picking’. The land was cleared but there is still some debris. It is mostly broken limbs and odd pieces of the mess we had cleared. All of it was water soaked and partially rotten. This stuff we threw on top of the burning pile in hopes that it would be dry enough to burn when the fire arrived. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and for the next 5-6 days, so if we can’t get it burnt today we might never get it burned.

I have noted in the news that the Governors, mostly Democrats, are refusing to lift their ‘lockdowns’. I was afraid that this was going to happen. Like the old saying; “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. It appears that these Governors are not willing to give up their near “absolute power”. There is likely to be bloodshed, if they don’t relinquish that unconstitutional power. They could call out their National Guard but I suspect that much of the Guard is among the people wanting their constitutional rights restored. Besides that fact, it is possible that President Trump would ‘federalize the Guard and issue a ‘Stand Down’ order. He doesn’t need anyone’s permission to take that action. This is all a big fricking mess that continues primarily due to the media hype.

This chart show the death rate for those who are infected.

The death rates for vast majority of Americans pretty much the same as the flu. Furthermore this, to me, seems to have about the same infection rate as a common flu (another virus). One person in the office gets the flu and then just about everyone else in the office does. I think we should all take this hype with a very large grain of salt.

Well, that’s it for me. Sayonara. Caio. Buh bye for now.

Dad’s Alaska

11 April 2020 Saturday

Started the morning off by making coffee and building a fire. It really isn’t that cold, around 40F, but it’s nice to knock the chill off. Made Depression gravy and canned biscuits for breakfast. I needed to get something in my stomach before I take my BP meds and my various vitamins and minerals. I’ve never taken so many pills in my life. The majority of them are vitamins and minerals. Some of them like the D3 and those related to not getting enough sunlight will be discontinued until next fall. We’ll start getting 18-20 hours of daylight for a while.

I got all suited up and in the proper attitude to crawl up under the house. Had put the jacks within reach and was properly motivated to finish leveling the rear portion of the house. After I belly crawled and then on hands and knees the 30 feet to where I needed to be, I found that the various freezes and thaws had formed a sheet of ice so thick that the jacks wouldn’t go under the floor beam. BTW, my left knee, while still tender, was up to the task. This is just another set back. I’m going to have to wait until the ice is gone before I can lower the back of the house to match the front. This means that we are stopped from installing all of the new cabinets and countertops in the kitchen. In other words, all of the interior remodeling has come top a screeching halt. I was able to lower part of the house where the ice had not become a glacier but that wasn’t enough to get the kitchen level. The majority of the back of the house remains as it was. Fortunately, the weather prediction for the next 10 days is rain. The rain will melt the ice but then I’ll be crawling in the mud. There is no happy medium in Alaska.

Summer was given six chickens and two ducks today. We sold all of our chickens last fall and then Summer slaughtered, with the help of a neighbor, and processed nine ducks last October. Now we’re back in the chicken business and we have two ducks that don’t fit into our breeding program. She started out to get Fabio, the rooster, another mate as his previous mate was eaten by a neighbors dog a week or so back. The only reason we still have Fabio is that he managed to escape the Great Chicken Roundup last fall. The search for Fabio’s new girl friend led to a guy who just wanted to be rid of his six chickens. “And oh, by the way, if you want the chickens, I have two ducks you have to take as well“. So as I said earlier, we’re back in the chicken business and we now have two ducks that need to be rehomed or slaughtered. Rehomed is preferable as we still have 3-4 ducks in the freezer. Duck is decent eating but for me a little duck goes a long way.

Chickens led to building a couple of nesting boxes a putting some fresh hay inside the old chicken house. Summer managed to catch Fabio ( had jumped up into her Subaru Forester looking for the hens) and throw him into the house with the other chickens and the two ducks. They’ll all stay cooped up together for the next several days. There will be no ‘social distancing’ for these critters. This will allow the chickens and ducks to understand that this is their new home. When they are, finally, released they’ll stay close to their new home. Home is where the food is.

Today has been a bust as far as getting any progress on the house. but I got a few things accomplished. I was able to pick up things that had disappeared into the snow. Most of them I did not need. But, at least, now they are in a place where I can find them. if I do need them. Stuff disappears into the snow and no matter how badly you need it, you can’t find it until ‘break up’.

Well, that’s it for me. Good news is that I am still ‘Corroded Virus’ free. Nite. Nite. Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Dad's Alaska

24 March 2020 Tuesday Morning

Alcohol kills corona virus. So I’m killing billions of the little critters.

As I sit here drinking coffee, I am reading the news. Rush isn’t on today so I’m having to read the news for myself. I will say that the news is, at best, depressing. I was supposed to take Miss Suzy in for her Spring grooming appointment but the groomer has closed her store. This was damned inconsiderate since I had to get up early to take the dog in for the grooming session. She could have called and let me know so that I wouldn’t have gone out and have driven 10 miles into town. So far about 17,000 people have died worldwide. Out of 7.8 BILLION people that is .000218 of 1%. If 5 times that many die it is still only 1/10 of 1% or in other words about the same as any flu virus yet known. This is a level of panic for which I can find no obvious reason or cause. More people die in car accidents on a daily basis than COVID-19. Still we persist in driving our cars. 151,600 (approx.) people die every day from all causes and yet the news media has caused a pandemic of panic where no medical pandemic exists. For those of you who are hiding under your bed, try looking up Herd Immunity. It is our only hope of saving our country and civilization.

For the past three days, I have been to town to buy some few groceries, some lumber, working on the house and contemplating my navel. We are in the ‘fits and starts’ of break up. It rains, it snows, the sun shines brilliantly, the clouds hang low, the fog enshrouds the bay and the temp fluctuates from 24 and 40 each day. If you dress for the 24 and you get outside to work you are almost immediately too hot. You dress for the 40 and you are way too cold. This time of year is a damned nuisance. The only bright spot is that snow is melting pretty rapidly and will be gone soon. The roads are mostly clear of ice and the borough (county) has been opening up the ditches to keep the water off the roads and on its’ merry way down to the bay.

A winter sunrise

I’ve gotten the new electric in the new stairwell wall. You can now turn on a light in the stairwell from the second floor or the first floor. No more going up or down in the dark. Also, got the sheetrock on the wall inside the stairwell and partially on the outside in the living room. Will finish that today. and then install sheetrock on the other wall inside the stairwell. For reasons that are beyond human comprehension, the previous owners ripped out sheetrock all over the house including the wall in the stairwell. Not only did they rip out the sheetrock in the stairwell they took out all of the 2×4 studs. I cannot imagine what they must have been thinking.

The entire front of the house is now level. It was a job for Stupidman and I fit the description. There is some leveling to do on the back side of the house. This leveling I will be doing as soon as I finish the sheetrock projects. Under the house is a mud pit and I have procrastinated by finding other repairs to do. This, however, cannot continue. I have to be like a big ol’ fat boar hog and go rooting through and wallowing in the mud soon. Summer wants the kitchen finished. The kitchen people have the solid surface countertops done and they want them out of their shop and to install the cabinets ASAP. So much pressure. I think I might be cracking under the load. NOT!

I’m down to my last two sheets of sheetrock. That means that I’ll probably be going to Ghost Town Homer tomorrow. The Yard Manager at the local building supply told me that he has a large number of slightly damaged sheets that he will sell to me at a very deep discount. According to him most just have corners broken or some damage on the edges. That kind of stuff will work in a house where the studs range from 17-26 inches apart. Unbelievably, there are a few of the 2×6 studs that are actually on 24 inch centers. I suspect that they had some kind of measuring error for some of the studs to be exactly where they are suppose to be. Anyway, I’m risking the COVID-19 scourge (big whoop) to go pick up, maybe, 10 sheets and some 2x6s.

A full moon seen through the Spruce trees

I told Summer yesterday that had I known how much work this house was going to be, I might not have bought it. On other hand, we are gradually turning this sow’s ear into a silk purse. I’m just hoping to live long enough to enjoy it after it is done. Summer and I had been planning a tour through America for next August. We would have liked to have seen Mt. Rushmore, the largest ball of twine and any other Americana like Car Hinge that pops up down the highways and byways of America. We, also, wanted to visit family and friends back in Florida. It would probably take us a month or six weeks to do this properly. Now it looks like we just have too many responsibilities here in Fritz Creek.

Peace and quiet on Earth.

Well, the sheetrock won’t hang itself so I’m off my butt and onto work.