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20 OCTOBER 2022

Here’s to the fiction writers that make up the Main Stream Media.

The MSM is trying desperately to convince the American people that the feeble and cognitively impaired Joe Biden is in charge of our government. All of this when it is obvious that he isn’t even in charge of himself. He has to be led on stage to make some disjointed, incoherent speech and then led off the stage. He is unable to competently read a teleprompter and on several occasions he has shaken the hand of some imaginary person. He, often, is unable to discern the exit from the stage and has to be coaxed off when his wife isn’t near enough to take his elbow and guide him in the proper direction. All of this makes me wonder. I wonder about “Who is, actually, running the country” since it is clearly not Joe Biden. Is it Ron Klain, the Whitehouse Chief of Staff? President Xi? Vladimir Putin? George Soros? Some cabal of billionaire oligarchs? Therein, my friends, lies the crux of the most serious problem in these United States of America. WHO IN THE HELL IS IN CHARGE OF THIS ONGOING DISASTER?? We are now $31,000,000,000,000+ (that’s 31 TRILLION DOLLARS) in debt, the economy is in free fall, inflation is rising by the minute, food shortages are beginning, gasoline will be $8 a gallon very soon, our emergency oil reserves are being depleted as fast as they possibly can be and the average American is getting poorer by the day. We may be unable to discern who is in charge of the Executive Branch of the government. However, we can know who is ultimately to blame for this ‘train wreck’. Those people are Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy, Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell. Each and everyone of them has contributed to this awful mess by their actions or their inaction. This entire American disaster is down to and the fault of Democrats and RINO Republicans. After these mid term elections, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will likely retire. McConnell will, hopefully, be unseated as the Senate Majority Leader. McCarthy is aiming for the House Speaker position where he will still be up to all of his RINO ways and continuing the destruction of America. If McConnell and McCarthy are in power in the Senate and Congress there will be no significant change in the future of the US. McConnell is, reputedly, tied very closely to the Chinese Communist Party and McCarthy, whose allegiances are, at the very least, suspect. The Speaker and the Majority Leader control the legislation that comes up for a vote. No matter what legislation is proposed in the Congress or the Senate, nothing substantive or Conservative will get past these two RINOs. They will allow only that legislation that aids their benefactors or themselves. Neither of these men give a Tinker’s Damn about the citizens of America. Only a majority of Conservatives, for instance, would be capable of changing these two bodies the way that the Democrats have changed them. All of this is why I keep harping on an Article 5 Constitutional Convention of States. “WE THE PEOPLE” are not going to be able to sort this out without repealing the 17th Amendment, Term limits, limiting the size, power and scope of government entities and codifying a balanced budget. Without these changes, I fear that the decline of America will continue and accelerate.

Got up this morning at my usual time, 8:00 am. I know that seems late but when you go to bed at midnight it seems correct. In the rack, as we used to say in my Navy days, for 8 hours is my current need. I was once capable of sleeping 2-3 hours, going to work and then partying again until the wee hours of the next morning. Of course, at that time, I was near 60 years younger. At 8:00 am the outside temperature was 29.1F. Summer had built a fire before she left for work so I got when I got up the house was cozy warm. Sunrise was at 9:04 and sunset is scheduled for 6:36. That gets us down to 9 hours 32 minutes of work time. Silly me, I’ve just spent a bit over 2 hours reading the news and drinking coffee. I guess I better stop here and go to work. There is still much to be done before the snow flies. Thankfully, we have sun instead of rain.

31 October 2022

The above was written Pre-Covid. Not pre-pandemic but Pre my getting Covid. For the record it was everything that people said that it was. From Sunday a week ago uNtil this past Thursday, I coughed so hard and often that my ribs hurt and my diaphragm was so exercised that it hurt to breathe. I had coughing fits that lasted five minutes or more. I did not get any chest congestion and that was likely because I was coughing so hard and so often that nothing had the opportunity to settle in my chest. I’ve had a cold/flu where I had chest congestion. It is miserable feeling as though breathing is almost too much work. I had my first real meal since contracting this miserable damned disease. I scrambled a couple of eggs and ended up feeding half of them to the dogs. Summer has had Covid since some time prior to last Saturday and neither of us has felt like cooking. She tested negative last night and went back to work this morning. I’m feeling much better today so I’ll test this evening. If I test negative, I’ll finish up the work I started almost two weeks ago. This isn’t the sickest I’ve ever been BUT it is the longest time that I’ve ever been an invalid since open heart surgery 21 years ago.


As you might surmise NOTHING has been done here at home. The outside temperature has dropped into the mid to high 20s during the day and in the high teens some nights. It’s 12 noon here and the temp is 26F. My only ventures to the great outdoors has been to retrieve firewood. Normally, I would not take 26F as being that cold but I think the China Virus thinks that it is very cold. My appliance repair business has ground to a halt. I’ve had to turn down calls for two reasons: One-I don’t feel like doing anything, Two-Nobody else needs to get this if they can avoid it. The last time I have ever been seriously ill was in January 1987. I came down with something on a Monday morning before I could go to work and I was in bed with a high fever and deliriums until early the following Saturday. For most of 6 days I did not know what world I was in. The only remarkable thing about that experience is that since January 1987, I have not had a cold, the flu or any other malady remotely related to those illnesses. That is, of course, up until last Sunday. That bout with whatever it was had two outcomes: The first, of course, was that I haven’t been sick since. The second was that, because of it, I quit smoking. I got out of bed on that Saturday afternoon, lighted my first cigarette in nearly a week. It tasted so bad that I stubbed it out, put two cartons of cigarettes in a paper bag and gave them away the following Monday. I have not returned to cigarettes for these 36 years since.

Dangerous Dan pulled off our foundation job to take care of some long neglected projects at his own home. Also, he is leaving in a few days for a visit with some of his family in Minnesota. Deer hunting is on the agenda. He makes this trip every year and comes back with a cooler full of venison. As for our house, I think the foundation work is over until next Spring. The ground is frozen so digging is done for the year. I still need to bolt the new foundation piers to the house and would have done that this past week except for the obvious reason.



Before my bout with this Wuhan Flu, I managed to pick up most everything running loose on the property. There are still a few stray pieces of lumber and some rocks that I need to retrieve, but, for the most part, the picking up is done. The Rover still sits forlornly on its blocks, I need to start the tractor that I haven’t started in near two years. I was going to get gravel and dirt delivered last week and use the tractor to spread it. I still need to do these things but I’ll be doing them in much colder weather. One good thing has come out of the cold snap and that is that it has stopped the incessant raining. Actually, two things have happened. The rain stopped and the ground froze. We are now officially out of ‘Mud Season’ and I could not be happier about that fact. We’ve had a couple of dustings of snow that only lasted but a few hours. The real snow will start in earnest in a couple of days according to the weather forecast. Last winter we went through a period of snow, warm, thaw, freeze, snow, warm thaw freeze and more snow. This pattern occurred several times. This left us with 2-3 inches of ice all over the yard and our gravel street. It was a necessity to wear ice cleats every time you stepped off into the yard. Not wearing cleats risked broken bones and maybe death. I don’t mind the snow so much but I hate the ice. Maybe we’ll just get cold this winter ands stay cold until “Break Up’.


Someone gave Summer a near new refrigerator. It is one of those All refrigerator-No freezer things. It was not cooling when they gave it to her. It, apparently, had a freon leak somewhere around the compressor and/or the evaporator coil. The leak now seems to be repaired and I am being harassed to reassemble the damned thing and get it into the house. Again King Wuhan stepped in and stopped all progress. Now that the temperature has dropped, I’ll have to reassemble it in the store tent but won’t be able to recharge the system until I can bring it inside for a couple of days. I have a couple of other refrigerators that could be repaired except that it is very difficult to adjust temperatures or troubleshoot when the temp outside the box is about the same as the inside of the box. It would be nice to have a warm, insulated place to work. Those will be next Spring projects.


It is 1:23 PM and in 11 hours and 37 minutes I will be 78 years old. That’s it for me. I’m going to lie down for a while.


One thought on “Dad’s Alaska

  1. Hey glad you didn’t let the Chinese take you out! I have had it 3 times and it’s done a little damage. Got to add 4 new meds last trip to the doc. Fun times.

    Happy late birthday, stay warm!


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