Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to the morons that think that the human race can survive without fossils fuels.

There do not exist enough sheep, other sheared animals, fur bearing critters or fields of cotton to clothe the entire human race. I went to the continually virtue signaling site of Patagonia web site. The vast majority of their clothing is made from petroleum derived materials. It was the same at REI. With all of the shouting about banning coal and oil production, you’d think that, at least, one of these Eco-Wacko dummies could suggest an alternative better than killing 90% of the human race or wiping out every single fur bearing critter on the planet. Virtually everything these Eco-Wackos use in their miserable, mentally challenged lives is petroleum derived. Their electric vehicle battery materials were gouged from the earth using heavy, heavy equipment burning tens of millions of gallons of diesel fuel and spewing millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. The plastic shell and all of the plastic interior was derived from petroleum. The tires it rolls on were made from petroleum. The lubricants that allow it to roll are made from petroleum. The electric cord with which to charge it is made from petroleum. The the generators and power lines that bring the electricity to and through the power cord were likely smelted using electricity derived from the burning of petroleum products or coal. The car is charged using petroleum/coal generated electricity to charge it. Their electric car is little more than a fancy coal fired electric golf cart. Their hair brush, their comb, their toothbrush, their fancy schmancy shoes, their clothes, the food packaging that protects them from disease and virtually everything else is derived from petroleum. Almost all of the life saving materials at the Emergency Room, in the ambulance getting them to the emergency room and making them comfortable during their hospital stay is derived from petroleum. The list goes on and on through out their miserable, unfulfilling, mentally challenged lives. YOU ARE EITHER STUPID OR INSANE OR BOTH TO ADVOCATE FOR THE BANNING OF PETROLEUM OR COAL (Ditto nuclear power). Here in ‘my neck of the woods’ the Eco-Wacko city council banned petroleum derived plastic grocery bags even though almost everything we put into those bags was packaged in petroleum derived plastic. I am old enough to remember that the argument for the use of plastic bags was that we were destroying the trees. The Eco-Wacko wisdom on the 70s was that we needed to use plastic bags instead of paper bags to “Save the Trees”. Fast forward 50 years and we are using paper bags and killing the trees to ‘Ban the Petroleum”. Eco-Wackoism is a form of brainwashing. It doesn’t need to make sense as it’s adherents are moistly incapable of coherent thought. A few minutes of logical thought shoots gigantic holes into the assertions of looming ecological disaster. I was raised in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama during the heyday of the steel mills. The air pollution was real. You could wash your car and an hour later your could write your name on the hood in the particulates that had fallen from the sky. That was real air pollution not this phony CO2 shell game being played now. Any person can get on their petroleum derived plastic clad computer and learn that CO2 levels have been much higher in the past. A past where there were no SUVs and few if any bipedal mammals. Neither the average human nor the use of coal or petroleum pose any great threat to the free world or the human race. The greatest threat to the free world and the human race is the Marxist inspired Eco-Wackos trying to impose their ignorant, ill-informed, cult religious vision of the world upon you.

Yesterday, Dangerous Dan and I, got the piling for the west corner of the house installed. On Friday, he got the 4X4X4 foot hole dug and managed to pour the concrete footing. He managed this without my advice, my micromanagement or any of my physical labor. I was out in the boonies struggling to install a tub boot on a front load washer and, frankly, with the way the boot installation went, I’d rather have been sloshing around in the mud helping Dan. I have put on dozens of the damned things but this one simply did not want to participate. It seems simple enough. You put the boot’s retainer ridge into the groove around the washer door and snap on the spring loaded wire ring. As I said, “I’ve put on dozens of them”. After an hour of trying every solution that my peas brain could conjure, I gave up. The ‘Battle of the Boot’ will resume on Monday. I made a “Strategic Withdrawal”. My late brother assured me that Marines never retreat but they do make “strategic withdrawals’. I was in the Navy, so I did not know that fact or procedure.

In the previous post, I noted that Summer had filled up the two wood tents. Now what is left must be stacked on pallets and covered with a tarp today. Hopefully, that by the end of this day’s work we will be free and clear of wood except to bring it inside and set it ablaze. We discussed digging the potatoes because it has continued to rain almost daily. We’ve been getting a day of sunshine followed by several days of rain. I suspect that the potatoes are rotted and not worth digging but only by digging them will we discover that fact. Summer is, finally, off the six day a week work routine. She will be off Monday and Tuesday. On her off days she is going to clean out the greenhouse and plant her garlic and something else that needs to overwinter in the ground.

We got rid of all of the chickens and the incessant rain has washed away all of the chicken crap. As Martha used to say “That’s a good thing”. Did you know that ‘crap’ is derived from Crapper which is the last name of the man who, in England, invented the flush toilet? I am feeling liberated. I no longer must worry about ducks, geese or chickens. The only critters that must be fed and watered are the three cute but useless dogs in residence. Overwintering the chickens made an enormous amount of extra worry and work last winter. Their water froze several different times due to failures of various heaters. I had to snow blow a path to the coop and keep it open all winter to restock their feed box and water tank. Carrying 50# bags of feed and 5 gallon buckets of water in the snow and, sometimes, ice was both arduous and often dangerous for an old man. “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”. I’m clapping very vigorously. Buying a couple dozen eggs a month is a small price to pay, even at $6 a dozen, for being free of the work and the responsibility.

I’m borrowing a tent from dangerous Dan. I want to use it to partially enclose the Range Rover. This is so that I can attempt to make the necessary repairs even if it snows and certainly to stay out of the rain. Crawling around on the wet gravel holds no appeal for me. This is a project that would have been done months ago had I not lopped off the end of my finger. A finger, that by the way, has physically healed but has little feeling in it. Mostly it hurts to use it. Well, it doesn’t really hurt much unless I bang it against something but it feels very uncomfortable, almost painful, when I use it to touch something. It’s a very weird sensation that defies description except as very uncomfortable.

The Range Rover when the axles fell.

The birch leaves are all yellow now and blowing off the trees. There were a few days where some were yellow, some were green and yellow and a few were still green. It is Fall. They are all yellow and falling. The snow will not be far behind this annual event. The raining and constant mud since the end of June has made me look forward to the coming of the snow. Of course, by the end of February I’ll be wishing for the snow to be gone. I guess that I’m just your basic human and not happy (except for the chickens no longer residing on the property) unless I’m unhappy. Since the Summer work season is coming to a close, I have been picking up everything that I don’t want to lose until next Spring. If it snows this winter like the last, anything less than three feet tall will be ‘missing in action’ until Spring. Often the things that go missing are the very things you need in January. There is an ancillary problem with picking up and putting away tools and such. That problem is that I often forget exactly where I put the damned thing of which I’m desperately in need. First Law of Physics: For every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. First Law of Storing Stuff: For every bit of ability to safely store an item there there is an equal but opposite ability to forget where in the hell it is. Such is life.

Beautiful yellow leaves

The last of the wood that needs to be on pallets because it won’t fit in the tents.

Again we have come to a stopping place and I have to go outside and do some actual work. Those pallets won’t move themselves and the wood lying on the wet ground won’t stack itself on the pallets. Summer is on the injured reserve list. She pulled a muscle in her neck/shoulder area and is in some good bit of pain. That means that the old man has to move all of the wood. ALOHA!!


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