Here’s to mean tweets, a closed Southern border and $1.79 gasoline

We’re living in some kind of time warp where everything is backward. We’ve slipped into a rabbit hole far deeper and scarier than Alice could imagine. The ”Woman of the Year” is a man possessing a penis. The best woman swimmer in college is a man with a penis. The `WOMAN who wants to be on the Supreme Court cannot define the word ’woman’. Joey is doing his dead level best to start WWIII while Putin is sitting on the world’s largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. The zealous support by the Hollyweird Left and all of the Democrat party for Ukrainian borders far exceeds the support for our own Southern border. A border where thousands of illegal aliens pour into the waiting arms of Border Patrol nannies and tons of Fentanyl and other drugs are carried in each week. Over 100,000 Americans died last year from Fentanyl poisoning. The border is a war zone where heavily armed narco-terrorists fire weapons across the river at the barely armed Border Patrol nannies. All of this is absolutely insane. But if that isn’t enough to bring you to your senses, how about this? Gasoline at over $7 a gallon in The Peoples Republic of California foreshadowing similar pricing everywhere, potential food shortages due to the extreme price of diesel, ports clogged, apparently, on purpose by the unions, colder than normal weather over much of the US causing crop damage and late planting. Inflation estimated by the government to be 7% but the true inflation rate maybe twice that number. A piece of beef that 18 months ago was $3.99 a pound is now $8.99 a pound or more in some places. To simply say that ”Things are bad” would be an astounding understatement and yet that is what we here from our government. Things aren’t just ”bad”. They are disastrously worse than “bad”. There are very few people living who have seen it worse as the ”Great Depression” survivors are pretty much all gone. Just as an aside, I opened and ate a 7 year old can of pinto beans the other day. The were a bit mushy but they still tasted like pinto beans. Do you have a years supply of food? Now might be the time to stock up before the price and availability becomes a major problem. A 7 year old can of beans may not be desirable or very tasty but it will keep you from suffering the ‘Missed Meal Colic’. I may be ‘all wet’ but to paraphrase my Grandmother Byrd who raised three children while living through the Great Depression ”Better safe than starving”.

Summer’s ‘new to her’ truck.

Today I had almost nothing to do. No plans, no schemes and damned little ambition. After much procrastination, I carried water to the chickens. I picked up a few eggs and yelled at my brick headed dog.Buddy, as he had stolen and was eating one of the stale bread rolls that I has tossed to the chickens. I tried to get the roll but he ran under the house and that was the end of the chase. I should have brought in wood today. I didn’t. I should have changed the sheets on my bed. I didn’t. I should have tried to better organize the conex. I didn’t. I needed to do some laundry. I didn’t. After even more procrastination, I took the 6 dozen eggs to the local feed store and sold them. On the way home I checked the mail only to find that the mail box was falling down. It along with three others were all but on the ground. I went home and got the necessary tools and a few pieces of lumber as went back. After about an hour and some amazing engineering the 4 boxes were up stable and not likely to fall before we get our shiny new aluminum mail boxes this Spring. The shiny new boxes have cost each family about $200. These new post office like boxes are keyed boxes. Frankly, I like the new keyed boxes. A box at the US Post Office can cost up to $100 a year and this is a one time cost of $200. Seems a bargain to have your mail private and safe.

Coming back from Soldotna using my new iPhone 13 Pro

It appears that were are in full on ’breakup’. The snow is melting very quickly in the above freezing days and barely refreezing at night. This phenomenon is almost a month early. Of course, things could change and we’d be back to colder than………well, you know. This winter has had a lot of ups and downs. All of it due to the wavy jet stream. The normal jet stream runs pretty much in a straight line around the world but these past several months it has been wavy and dragging warm air up and cold air down. It isn’t unprecedented but it is aggravating and sometimes dangerous. I’ve been looking at a website called and have found out weather stuff of which I had no idea.

Taken out of my bathroom window with my new iPhone 13 Pro

I wrote the last blog mentioning sidetracks and the responses were both amusing and edifying. So-o-o here is a list of yesterday’s early sidetracks. Got out of bed and made coffee. Went back to the bedroom to get properly dressed. Decided to lie down again for a couple of minutes this led to sleeping another 45 minutes. Got out of bed again and went to get a cup of coffee. I felt kinda cold I had completely forgotten that I wasn’t dressed properly This led to building a fire which led to having to split up kindling. I then realized, just before splitting kindling, that I didn’t have my glasses and splitting kindling without glasses could be hazardous for fingers. I went back to the bedroom to get my glasses which led me to see that the bed had not been made. Made up the bed and still being a bit chilly, I got dressed for outside. On my way back to the kitchen I saw that I had not split kindling or lit the fire. I split enough kindling to start the fire and then lit the fire. On my way back to the coffee maker and the kitchen, I noticed that the dishwasher was displaying END. This led me to opening the dishwasher and putting away the dishes which led me to looking at what hadn’t been washed from the last evenings dinner. I put these last few things in the dishwasher and that caused me to notice that yesterday’s chicken and goose eggs had not been washed. I washed the eggs and was putting them in the refrigerator when I noticed that the red light on the coffee maker was on. And that is when I poured a cup of coffee, sat down and began to read the London Daily Mail online. By that time, I was already feeling exhausted and it wasn’t even 9AM.

I guess that I have run out of drivel. So y’all take it easy and live to see tomorrow.


One thought on “DAD’S ALASKA

  1. The world is a mess right now and it seems to me that we are reliving the 70’s to some extent. Imagine my surprise when my son told me to extend our vegie patch so we had a supply of fresh vegetables.


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