Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to a Happy New Year and less government intrusion..

24 December 2020 Thursday

The night before Christmas and all through the land the Democrats are saying, “Your Christmas is canned”. Out in the street I heard such a clatter went to the window and saw Black Lives Matter. Up on the roof top of my neighbor’s car was an ANTIFA whacking it with an iron bar. In tighty whiteys, shotgun in hand, I ran through the door thinking that the fun had began. I fired one shot into the air and they kept comin’ and I didn’t care because I knew I would just keep gunnin’. Loving wife in her house coat brings me the ammunition to keep me afloat. The BLM zombies kept coming and coming and not a moment too soon my neighbors came running. We bashed them, we shot them and splattered them asunder. We knew pretty soon the whole bunch would soon be six or more feet under. After it was over Steve, with his backhoe, dug a big hole and into the abyss their bodies we did roll. The moral to the story is that what the Socialist and Communists do in the Democrat big cities ain’t gonna play well in flyover country.

Curiosity is an odd thing but recently I have found that I am uncurious. Incurious? Non-curious? WHATEVER! My curiosity, like my ‘get-up-n-go’, seems to have got up and went. I’m not sure where it went. I am sure that it either no longer exists or exists only minimally in some parallel universe. I’ve decided that my lack of curiosity is attributable to either “I just don’t give a damn” or, perhaps, I already know everything I want to know or need to know. One thing I know with some certainty is that my ‘hard drive’ is full and that it keeps deleting stuff when new stuff is inputed. This causes me to leave one room and go to the next and not remember why I went there or not remember names of people I’ve known most of my life. I find myself at a point where I really don’t care why birds can fly, why grass is green or why a little salt makes sugar sweeter. Those and many other things happen daily and I marveled at them long ago. I now just accept that they proceed without the benefit of my curiosity. The point being that elections in the past 160+ years have assumed the same status. They just happen. I was sixteen, when Mayor Daly (Democrat, Chicago) stole the presidential election from Richard Nixon. A electoral cheating incident that is universally accepted as fact today. Cheating in elections is as American as apple pie starting in the 1850s by Tammany Hall in New York City. That set the bar high for the Democrats. The Tammany Hall method was copied in all of the major cities in the US. Cheating in elections was rampant and expected, if Democrats wanted to keep control of those cities. In this last election, the Tammany Hall (many of you didn’t get a single history lesson) formula was carried out on steroids. Cheating is not new. The cheating on the scale that just took place this past election is unprecedented. We Americans have always looked to the court system to rein in the avarice and unconstitutional behavior of the political class. This time, that has not happened. The entire court system seems unconcerned about the violations of state and federal law. They have refused to even examine the mountains of evidence and sworn affidavits of malfeasance. They have no curiosity and have simply accepted it. They have proceeded as if nothing has happened. As I’ve stated they have proceeded without the slightest curiosity as to the facts. Their determined refusal of oversight does not bode well for our Democratic Republic. Please to note that we are not a “Democracy”. The problem with this cheating is that, in order to compete, the other side will be forced to cheat. Either that or they will never win another election. With both sides cheating as fast as they can, the end of our Democratic Republic will be pretty damned close. There will be no confidence by any citizen that any politician was legally elected regardless of party affiliation. There really is only one solution. That solution is to do away with machine counting and only have in person voting. Then all votes will have to been hand counted. Sure there will be some cheating but not on the wholesale scale of this last election. Any solution that fails to do these three things is ripe for massive cheating in other ways. Humans adapt and will find another new way to cheat, if such a way exists. Without free and fair elections we are no longer a country we are just another ‘Banana Republic’.

We have been working hard to get the house in order. That has been an all consuming job. The super hard freeze I’ve been hoping for hasn’t happened. In the last hard freeze, I did get the center of the house leveled from end to end. The weather keeps warming and water keeps running under the house. The underneath is a swamp of mud, goose crap, duck crap and feathers. Not a place where you want to go belly crawling. The back part of the house needs to be lowered about and inch and a half. With the ground being soft, it is really not possible to jack it up and remove the shims. As soon as the rear wall is leveled the kitchen will get remodeled. New hardwood floors installed. New cabinets installed and we, finally, have something approaching normality. Summer will begin installing the hard wood flooring in the upstairs as soon as the rear wall is down. The remodeling of this old house is proceeding even with all of the impediments. Hopefully, by the Spring we will be at the end of our construction trials and our associated tribulations will be coming to an end. At last, I’ll be able to get the hell off this hill and get a life.

We’ve still got the geese and ducks in their own compound. The wind storm night before last knocked down the pallets that were acting as both gate and fence extension. Funniest thing is that the critters would not walk across the pallets to escape. Their freedom was right there in front of them and they were too afraid to move. Sounds like a lot of people around the world. Oddly the same thing happened to the chickens. A panel blew out of the greenhouse and it was right behind the roost I built for them. They could have stood on top of the roost and flown to their freedom but they didn’t. We Americans may be standing at similar point in time. Our freedom is right in front of us but we stay in the virtual government prison.

It has snowed, froze then rained and the froze again. The ground is covered in an inch or more of ice. Walking is scary. The thin cover of snow does not keep your feet from pressing through to the ice. I have gotten to the point where I do not go outside without wearing ice cleats. The time or two that I did I came dangerously close to bustin’ my old ass on the ground. Ay my age, 76, a hard fall on the ice might just be the Coup de Grau, The End, T-T-That’s All Folks. Since I am extremely allergic to death, I have assiduously avoided it regardless of the cost. By all rights, I should have been dead numerous times. I have been so close so many times that once I thought I saw the grim reaper standing in the hallway looking into my hospital room before my heart surgery in 2001. A couple of days after my 47th birthday I was visiting my father. This was just shy of two months before he died. He had lung cancer that was metastatic. He was paralyzed from the waist down and was confined to his bed. I, in my usual self absorbed Boomer manner, was telling him how I’d never really expected to live so long. He listened to my rant and at the end said nothing for what seemed several minutes. He had been staring at the wall in front on his bed as I talked and he continued to do so after I quit talking. After the pregnant pause he turned to me and said “Hell, Boy, I didn’t think you’d live to be 21”. That gave me a whole new perspective on life. He died in December and I cried like a baby at his funeral. I, like many first born sons, had a love-hate relationship with my father. This the 29th December after his death, I still remember.



One thought on “Dad’s Alaska

  1. My hard drive is not only overloaded it has been hacked to the extent that I now have come to accept what the democrats have done and realize we may never have an honest election again.
    After all if one were to speak out to return to only voting in person and that you must have valid ID than I would be called a racist for wanting to exclude all the minorities who could not have a valid ID…

    Funny though it seems to have worked for many decades in that
    you showed up on voting (day)
    presented that ID and voted
    or else you didn’t vote!

    ….anyway I hope you have a good Christmas
    and a safe new year


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