Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to THE GREATEST GENERATION and to the hope that we can emulate their bravery

6 June 2020 Saturday. Today is the anniversary of the 1944 invasion of France by tens of thousands of Allied troops. Thousands died. 3000+ Americans died in the landing. Thousands more died in conquering Hitler’s Third Reich. YET here we are with the equivalent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts in the streets inciting and aiding people in breaking windows and looting like it is Kristallnacht in Germany. Neither the Governors nor the Mayors in these states and cities seem to be able or willing to stop this lawless activity. It might be that they don’t want it to stop. This idiocy is not about George Floyd. It is about destroying America as founded. The Antifa Black Shirts have threatened to come into the suburbs to kill, burn and take whatever they want. It is too bad much of the populace of the suburbs have been whipped into submission by the gun control NAZIs. They’ll lose their possessions and likely their lives, if they are invaded by the Antifa Black Shirts. I had hoped that President Trump would squelch this madness and mayhem, but I guess not. This evil cannot be allowed to continue. They are destroying the very fabric of our civil society. They need anarchy to be able to implement their Socialist agenda. We are in a Civil War and the enemy is destroying us.

Midnight over Kachemak Bay

Today I spent much of my day running back and forth to town for plumbing supplies. The sewage and the waste water tanks will now drain as designed. There were so many 90 degree turns in the piping that I cut it off near the valves and cleared the lines. After crawling under the trailer for a couple of hours and spending a of hours driving back and forth to the hardware store, I was pooped. There was a good deal of ‘engineering‘ that needed to be done to get all of the lines reconnected. This is not a job that I would want to undertake again.

10:00 PM over Kachemak Bay

Just for fun I started up the tractor and moved some dirt to low places in the yard. This was two hours of not having to do any heavy duty thinking. I quit at about 7:00 PM and went inside to feed the dogs and myself. Later, I turned on the TV and went channel surfing. We’ve got a bunch of channels but damned little to watch. I, accidentally, found Tom Selleck and NYPD Blue. At last, a show worth watching. I’ve had my fill of Hoarders and Oak Island. There are some decent shows on network TV. They are few and far between but they are there if you are looking.

Duck next to a goose egg.

I picked these up this afternoon. The goose eggs are gigantic next to duck and are enormous next to a chicken egg.

Goose egg next to a chicken egg

It wasn’t a very exciting or productive day. I still don’t have the Covid 19 and I am still on the green side of the sod so it wasn’t a bad day. I hope you day went as well as mine or, perhaps, a lot better than mine. Goodnight.

One thought on “Dad’s Alaska

  1. You wrote, ” I hope you day went as well as mine or, perhaps, a lot better than mine. ”
    but since you live in a land touched by the hand of God….
    no way my day would be better
    but thanks for the thought.


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