Dad’s Alaska

A toast to the nearly 3 million people who’ve gone back to work.

5 June 2020 Friday. Woke up at 7:30 to the dripping noise from real rain for the first time in several weeks. While it halted outside activity for a while it did not stop the work. There were dishes to do, rugs to wash, other laundry to do until the rain stopped. Summer spent the morning prepping for her weekend camping trip. The housework always gets neglected when there is so much to do outside. The rain is the reason the any deep cleaning of the house gets done. Most of the time it is like my Grandmother used to say that “She hit it with a lick and a promise”, The promise, of course, was to do it better next time. Today was the ‘next time’ for the housework.

It rained intermittently for most of the day. I really didn’t want to crawl on the wet ground under the travel trailer to do the plumbing. Any plumbing project that I do requires a minimum of three trips to the hardware store. I did two of them yesterday and am expecting to do, at least, one more before the problem is solved. The rain will clear by tomorrow and I’ll get the opportunity to go to the hardware store again.

A bit of Alaskan news. The University of Alaska is starting a new writing course in the prison system. They named it ‘Prose and Cons’. Because pens and pencils can be weapons the writing will be done in crayon. Because of the crayons write so large they have anticipated that they’ll need 100 thousand sheets of paper in the first year. The local environmentalist wackos are protesting the death of so many trees to make the paper. The Warden of the facility was asked if he thought that any of the inmates could write anything significant? He told answered the reporter by saying, “There is the theory that if you supplied a monkey with a typewriter, enough time and enough paper it would, eventually, write ‘War and Peace’ or it’s equivalent.” The reporter said, ” But most of these people didn’t finish high school. How do you expect them to be able to write? The Warden’s interview ending answer was “With crayons”. And that is about all of the news worth knowing except that there have been protests in Anchorage and in some of the smaller towns. There has been no violence or looting because just about everyone has a gun on them or very handily close by. Alaska is a very polite state. Anchorage, however, has been Californicated. The mayor and assembly never met a tax they they didn’t like. The have created proportionally more homeless people than San Francisco. I will give the mayor and assembly some kudos for attempting to save taxpayer money. During the beginning of the COVID-19 fiasco they crammed all of the homeless they could round up into two big convention halls. The cots were six feet apart but there were no screens or any type of separation other than distance. I think this may have been an attempt at murdering as many of the homeless as possible thereby saving the taxpayer millions of dollars a year. Murder by C-19 and no proof of wrong doing. If hundreds had died they could say “We had good intentions and we tried to save them”. As you likely know, all a Lib/Prog/Socialist Democrat needs is good intentions to justify any apparent unintended consequence.

Summer left for her camping trip at 2:00. I goofed around most of the day doing laundry, folding laundry, sweeping and mopping floors, loading and unloading the dishwasher, taking a much needed shower and changing the sheets on my bed. In other words, I did damned near nothing all day. About 5:00, the sun came out and the ground started drying. I thought about going outside and working on one project or another but by that time I was out of the mood. Boredom and lethargy had set in and I just couldn’t work up enough ‘Give a damn’ to do anything but sit and eat. If I don’t get started in the morning, then by 2-3 o’clock my get up and go has got up and went without me. As I’m typing this missive it is almost 8:00 PM. There is so much sunlight that it appears to be about 3:00 PM on Mobile Bay. We’re getting about 18 hours of daylight which can make you think that it is earlier than it really is.

I’m out. Sorry no pictures today.


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