Dad’s Alaska

May you be in Heaven 15 minutes before the Devil knows that you are dead.

3 June 2020 Wednesday. it was a dark and stormy night. Nah! Just kidding. Last evening at about 8:00 the sun came out after a long day of low gray clouds. I thought that it would bode well for today. I expected sunny, blue skies. I got fooled again. I woke up this morning to even more low gray clouds. It was that way for most of the day but then about 3:00 the clouds rolled back and the sun broke through. It was very nice for about 3 hours and then we were back into the clouds. It was very disheartening to see the sun go away. Then at about 8:30 in the evening, the sun started peeping through the clouds again. However, by that time I had called it a day and gone inside.

Me in serious need of a haircut and a shave
Geese at the pond

I took Sheila to East Bay Services and picked up a couple of yards of topsoil. The load was so light that I ran in 5th gear almost all of the way back home. 4th gear to climb the hill after I passed Fritz Creek Store and had to downshift into 3rd to climb the very steep Greer Road hill and home. With the rebuilt carburetor the truck just runs so much better.

The next task was to remove the bent supports on the rear leveling jack on the travel trailer. I was going to straighten them myself, but my acetylene torch and tank set is buried deep in the Conex. I, likely, would have had to spend a couple hours moving crap just to get it out. It was just easier to take them to the welding shop and let Charlie straighten and the reinforce them. I think that they were not really beefy enough for the job they were supposed to do. They were bent when we bought the trailer and I just never got around to repairing them until now. We used the trailer with all of the problems but in order to sell it it all has to work as designed.

You can see the bent struts that I remove

With that done, I decided it was time for some late lunch. As I finished up the UPS guy arrived with the new rims for The Beast. Cost $700 but they charge me $130 every time they change the tires. Do that twice a year and it doesn’t take long to justify the cost of the new rims. Plus I have the equipment to change the tires myself after I get the tires mounted on the new rims. I’m tired of paying people to do something I can do.

One of the six new rims

Summer arrived home just a bit after 4:00. After she changed clothes we attempted to install the sliding door on the bedroom portion of the travel trailer. As luck would have it, one of the rollers for the top of the door was missing. It had fallen off the track and down into the nether regions of the trailer. I took the forward furnace out with no luck in finding the roller. Took off cover inside the trailer with the same result. The roller was no where to be found. We’ll be going into town tomorrow. I try to find a new door roller at the local hardware store. I’m not holding out much hope.

The door project was put on hold. The next project was to load the dump truck full of dirt into the rock surrounded planter. I had to dump the dirt on the ground because I couldn’t get close enough to dump it into the planter. The dirt was moved to the planter with the tractor. This took almost and hour. I dumped it in and Summer spread it out. At the end it was looking pretty good. Tomorrow after out foray into civilization (Homer) Summer will plant all of the perennial flowers and mulch them in.

The new stone planter filled with dirt
A shot of the sky at 7:30 PM
A shot over the property at around 8:00 PM

Well, that’s it for me. To quote Red Green “Keep your stick on the ice”.


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