Dad’s Alaska

31 May 2020 Sunday America is being destroyed by the Globalist Cabal led by George Soros etal. There is no way the these riots, burning, looting and vicious beatings of innocent bystanders and business owners are part of an organic movement. There are professional instigators involved in this attempt to destroy America. The original peaceful protests were likely justified. This wanton destruction of private property and injury of other people is not. The autopsy of the George Floyd was done and it appears that he died from a heart attack. The abuse by the police officer was a major contributing factor without a doubt. The time to put this violence to bed is now. The National Guard and local police should be clearing the streets and arresting the instigators, arsonists, looters and vandals. The time for Lib/Prog/Socialist Democrat hand wringing is over. This needs to stop. I guess I’ve offended enough people today so I’ll get off this subject.

Today we were tired from the last two days efforts. It was a major effort to get out of he house and into the new garden area. I woke up this morning with muscle pain in places that either I didn’t know I had or had forgotten I had. Summer was hardly any better off than myself. We were a pitiful pair as we trudged into the garden to do that which was necessary. I scrapped up the necessary lumber to keep the critters from eating the garden. Summer returned to furrowing the garden with a hoe. There were several stupid hoe jokes. All of them older than both of us put together. It did lighter up the attitude toward the work being done. We

We had left one post out of the fence line so that I could get the tractor in and out of the garden. After I had added all of the additional dirt into the garden we failed to install that post. Now prior to the fencing we needed to drive it into the hard ground. The effort needed to drive this post was almost more than I or Summer could muster. It hurt my shoulders and arms to lift the heavy driver. It was about the same for Summer. It took an all out effort to drive this single post. I hammered it in with a last burst of effort, raising and slamming the driver down as hard and as fast as I could for almost a minute. This drove it the last eight inches. With arm feeling like rubber, I lifted the driver off the post and dropped it onto the ground.

Fort Apache the Garden
Wood being installed
Another shot of the rock garden from the actual garden
Two garden furrows made by Summer

After I finished with the garden effort I went to check out the travel trailer. The bedroom slideout has a problem of skipping and not moving. I had presumed that there was some sort of plastic fitting that had failed. After I removed the mattress and the top panel I found that the thing is chain driven. I looked it over and realized that there is no way to get to the drive system without cutting the supporting plywood. I decided that it was a job for another day. After that I made a vodka drink and went walkabout. I took a few pictures of the property.

A view across the pond at the property
A look back toward the house

During my walkabout I took another look at the stone surrounded planter that I had started building. It was only partially complete and it needed to be completed ASAP. I was planning on bringing in the dirt to fill it sometime on Monday. I was feeling a little rejuvenated by the vodka and the respite of the walkabout. Not doing anything for an hour exception enjoy the beautiful weather and the view was very invigorating. I had long finished my drink and decided to spend some time working on the planter. This entailed moving a good bit of rock. Some of them weighing 50 pounds or more needed to be moved into place. I started to work on the project and have very nearly completed it by 7:00 PM. I took some pictures that are below. The rounded, mostly white, stones are glacier tumbled granite. There is, also, some gray, black, green and red granite stones. There are some other very pretty rocks that are included in the stone walls of the planter.

The first side you see as you come up the road.
A closer view of the planter
An unusually pretty rock
More pretty rocks

Yep. There is a big mess behind the planter. Most if not all of it is lumber to be used as part of the remodeling of the house. The rest of it will be moved to a new less visible location. The Conex is going to be turned parallel to the road so that a lean-to for Summer’s Greenhouse retail stuff, like bags of dirt and fertilizer can be stored.

Well that’s it for me except for another picture.

12:30 AM Monday just before I went to bed.

One thought on “Dad’s Alaska

  1. Just a note…In our garden we found just using wood to stop ‘critters’ from getting in doesn’t work to well. We went around the base of the garden and green house with the thickest plastic sheeting we could find and even then we had voles getting through.

    Your walk around the homestead should have you feeling quite good with yourself
    at all that you have accomplished..


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