Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to the the looters-May they all rot in hell

29 May 2020 America as we knew it is likely over. Between the Covid-19 idiocy and the criminals burning and looting there isn’t much of America left. Again I’d like to point out that virtually all of the looting and rioting is in cities that have been run by Democrats for decades. The next thing, if this continues, will be martial law. After that we have no freedom and the American Experiment will be over. Personally, I think that all of this is started by people like George Soros and paid agitators. No proof but it fits their anti-American globalist ambitions.

On a lighter side, we needed a place to plant potatoes and corn. That place would have to be fenced because of the vicious critters ie. chickens, ducks and geese. It’s not like there isn’t plenty of other greenery that they can eat. I think they eat the garden plants out of pure spite. You can’t put a flower or a vegetable out where they have access because they will be eating as you walk away from planting it into the ground. We used up all of the metal fence posts that were available for free around the planter boxes we did last week. New ones are about ten to twelve dollars each and we needed twelve of them. I decided that we would make wooden posts out of some scrap spruce lumber. I tried digging post holes and it just wasn’t possible because of all of the rocks in the ground. Again let me say, “If rocks were dollars we’d be amongst the richest people in the world”. I thought that we might be able to drive the wooden posts like we did the metal posts. Logically, hammering then into the ground would cause small rocks to be pushed aside. The only drawback might be that we might run into a big rock. If that happened we’d just move the post over a bit. I cut twelve 6′ posts and then put a point on them. I then tried sledge hammering one of them into place and found that it wasn’t going to work. The post was too tall to get a good swing on and it was difficult to hold it and hammer it at the same time. This is when I decided to cut the top of a post to see if the steel post driver would drive these wooden posts. I figured it was worth a shot since the alternative was post hole digger and a whole lot of sweaty manual labor. I trimmed one of the posts so that the driver would fit over it. I expected the wood to split or shatter when I started hammering, It didn’t. It drove the post with the only problem being the 75 year old arms lifting the driver and slamming it down 15-20 times to drive the post down a foot or so. Summer and I worked out a deal. She’d drive the as far as she could and I’d drive them in the rest of the way. Both of us got a pretty good arm workout and a serious cardio work out driving eleven of the twelve posts. We left one post out so that I could bring in enough dirt to level the garden area. The upper half was about 8″ higher than the lower half. This meant moving a lot of dirt to make it reasonably level. We didn’t need perfect. All we needed was somewher close to level.

Cutting the posts from 2×6 lumber
A post with a point
A post cut to fit the slide hammer
The first post driven

Fridays are Summer’s ‘Date night’ with Dan. She quit at around 5:00 and left me moving dirt. There really wasn’t anything she could do until I got all of the necessary dirt moved. I was steadily moving dirt for a couple of hours after she left me. I was within 3-4 bucket loads of completing the lower half of the garden when it began to rain. I ignored the rain when it was only sprinkling but when it became a hard rain I quit. That was just after 7:00. The tractor is small hence the bucket is small hence it takes a lot of loads to move 3-4 yards of dirt. Fortunately the tractor is willing to work as long as the driver has the will. It was a 7 hour work day, with no break for lunch and driving posts with a heavy slide hammer. The rain was a welcome excuse to quit.

Because I had been outside all day Miss Suzy greeted me like I had arisen from the dead. Although, in retrospect, it occurs to me that her real motivation might have been to be fed. She has suddenly become interested in food again. She hadn’t been eating well for a nearly a month. She’d eat a few bites and ignore the balance of the food. Every morning I was feeding most of her last night’s leftover dinner to Gandie. He’s sixteen years old and getting as skinny as a rail. He eats good but he’s losing weight. I figure he probably won’t make it through another winter. He’s been a good boy and I’m gonna be sad to lose him. The sad truth is that nobody gets out alive not even a beloved pet.

Da hammah

‘Well that’s it for Friday. We’ve been so busy and/or tired that I get a little behind in the posts. Sorry. It’s currently 12:30 AM on Sunday morning so I can’t really say ‘Goodnight’ so Good Morning it is.


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