Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to doctors and nurses, the real essential people

28 May 2020 Thursday Spent a good portion to the day working on the travel trailer. Did find the fuse panels for the 12 volt electrical system. It was hidden in plain sight. There were very unremarkable two black boxes inside a small hatch on the side of the trailer. This little hatch was just above the hatch that contains the batteries. They were completely unmarked and to me they just looked like junction boxes. I’ve seen hundreds of boxes like that. They were very similar to my experience and they, usually, just have a a junction strip where various systems are tied together or into the power. I pretty much felt like and idiot after I had spent a good deal of time yesterday looking for the darned thing. I should have been curious enough to pop the covers off. I assumed their purpose and made an ass out myself but not you.

Bees and Meese
Miss Suzy awakened from a deep sleep in my chair

I spent the rest of the day hauling rocks to the planter, I am building. Mashed another finger. The previously mashed thumb still hurts. Not much I can do about it except grimace every time I have to use it. People are always telling you that you must just “Grin and bear it”. For me I may bear it but I’ll be damned if I’ll grin. The frackin’ (reference to “(Battle Star Exlaxtica) thing hurts. The TV show was for s***.

I don’t know what else to say about the killer cop in Minneapolis. I think I said pretty much everything in a face book post. I’ll likely offend a few people but if black American citizens want their lives to improve they need to stop electing Lib/Prog/Socialist Democrats. Socialism is the simplest way to make everyone equally poor except the elite at the top. That silly movie ‘Hunger Games’ where the elite have a game every year that ends up selected people killing other selected people. This movie portrays a Socialist society where the elite have virtually anything they want and the ‘citizens’ have damned near nothing. The Millennials loved this movie and, apparently, had no idea of what it represented. Millennials are of the ‘Everyone gets a trophy’ generation. The idiot Bernie Sanders sold many of them on the idea of Socialism. They’re too uneducated, ignorant or stupid to know that the ultimate aim of socialism is slavery for the masses and it always ends in a dictatorship. The only difference between Socialism and Communism is that in Socialism the people enslave themselves.

Here in Fritz Creek we are slaving away but are only slaves to our homestead. There are so many things that need to be done that it inflicts a kind of mental paralysis. You don’t know what to do first as many of them seem to be of same importance. I find myself simply doing whatever presents itself as next. This probably isn’t the most efficient way but it does get things done. It has been my experience that there is no straight line to what ever goal or task you set for yourself. It comes down to “Get ‘er done” what ever it takes. The travel trailer is a prime example. I had no idea that I would work on it much less spend days working on it. It was very simply the next thing that needed to be done.

I’m tired, hungry and need a shower, so y’all just try to stay on top of the sod for another day. Thanks.


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