Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to you intrepid freedom fighters in America

27 May 2020 Wednesday Another beautiful day in paradise. I spent most of the day trying to get the travel trailer ready to sell. The biggest problem after the water leak is that the heaters needed to be serviced. One did run but made a terrible screeching noise and the other did not run at all. I pulled the screeching unit out. I suspected that there were bad bearings in the blower motor. Once it was out, I spun the blower wheel and it was smooth as silk. I couldn’t ascertain why it was previously making such a noise. I wired it back into the trailer and tried to turn it on. It did not run. Further checking found that there was no power to the unit. The blower motor moves the warm air. It must, also, be operating before the unit will light as it supplies the draft air for the combustion of the propane. With no power applied nothing happens. At this point I was mystified. The heater is a 12 volt unit so it should have run. There was power available as I had installed a new battery. It wasn’t running and there was no power. I decided that maybe it needed to have the main power system needed to be activated. This led to dragging out the diesel generator that would supply the 240 volts to the trailer. It took me over an hour to get it out of the Conex and drag it about 30 feet to a point where I could get to it with the tractor. The thing is a major hunk of iron. It must weigh over 150 pounds. I loaded into the tractor bucket and then realized that I could not hook it up to the trailer. The plug on the trailer power cord did not match the receptacle on the generator. The generator hadn’t been started in nearly three years. Of course, the battery was dead and it was out of fuel. I poured a couple of gallons of diesel into it and pulled a power cord to hook up the battery charger. While I waited, I moved more rocks for the planter I’d started yesterday. Mashed my thumb while rolling rocks into the tractor bucket. Another time when it hurts so good you want to do it again.

Planter in progress
Mama Moose and her two babies
Mama and babies walking into the sunset

Got through with the efforts to complete the planter. I’d had enough of the rock moving business. I decided to go back to the trailer. The propane furnaces. Neither of them run and I have no idea why. I spent about 20 minutes looking for a fuse panel or a breaker panel. I figured there must be a blown fuse or tripped breaker. It is a 12 volt system so there had to be a panel somewhere. I didn’t find it and it was after 5:30 PM and Summer came home with the receptacle I had asked her to get on her way home. I got the the generator hooked up to the trailer and still the furnaces did not run. Tomorrow I will open every panel, pull out all of the drawers and I will find this hidden panel.

Summer went to Dan’s for dinner. She had cooked the Steakums sandwich meat before she left. I sliced some onions and bell pepper and sauteed them in some avocado oil. A toasted bun w/mayonaise, some sliced tomato, meat and the sauteed onion/bell pepper made a wonderful sandwich.

Anyway I finished my dinner sandwich whilst watching Hoarders-Buried Alive. those are some scary people. Goodnight.


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