Dad’s Alaska

A toast to my former shipmates of the USS Ponchatoula AO-148

26 May 2020 Tuesday I started the day by climbing atop the travel trailer. I needed to install the roofing barrier to stop the leaking roof. I tried to install it but Alaska weather isn’t hot enough to activate the adhesive on the roofing sealer. This fact led to a search for my propane torch. It is in the Conex somewhere. In fact, there are two in there somewhere. After about 45 minutes of pawing through boxes I called Summer, who had gone into Homer, and had her buy another torch. Now I own three. I know the location of one of them. The others are a mystery. Maybe I’ll dial 911 and have the search and rescue guys try to find the damned things. After Summer came home with the new torch, I was able to heat the adhesive and make the roof seal stick like it was designed to do. The job wasn’t too bad except that I stuck my finger into the hot tar adhesive by accident. It hurt so good that I considered doing it again.

Dan called me. He told me that he had the repair panel for the interior ceiling damage ready. That was good news. The problem is that I needed another person to help me install it and Summer had not been feeling well all day. She went to town because she had to do so. But now she was feeling so bad that I sent her to bed. Of course, that ended the travel trailer project for the day. There were three jobs that required two people and I was one short. I figured that I might as well break for lunch. Had the potato soup leftover from the previous evening. I used the last half sleeve of crackers.

The travel trailer on all of its’ glory

After lunch I decided to make a flower bed around a lone spruce tree by the road. It is only about 20 yards from our house and Summer’s new greenhouse and plant business would likely benefit from a pretty flower garden. Of course, it will be next year before the business gets fully operational but putting some perennials in now will make it beautiful next Spring.

Flower bed in progress
greenhouse update

I put down the weed block cloth and then started outlining the area with rocks. Like I have said previously, “If rocks were dollars we’d be Bill Gates”. This endeavor took up most of my afternoon. Late in the day Summer came outside and found the newly hatched goslings wandering the yard. They should have been in the pen with their mother but she was still sitting on unhatched eggs and not attentive to them. Their escape led Summer to round them up and bring them inside the house. She put them in a plastic bin box with a heat lamp keeping them warm. In the box they had food, water and protection from hungry predators outside. Summer said, that if nothing happens to them by Friday, she’ll sell them. Eight bucks apiece and almost no overhead costs is a wonderful thing.

Midnight last night
Summer’s 4 wheeler

Tomorrow I’m going tear into the propane heaters on the travel trailer. I need to get them working before the unit can be sold. Shouldn’t be much of a problem as I have worked on gas appliances for years. I was once a licensed Master Gas Fitter in the State of Alabama. I know that one needs a new blower motor but know absolutely nothing about the other. I’ll, also, take a look at the bedroom slide out. There may be a simple fix for the popping noise as it goes out or comes in.

Two day old goslings

That’s it for me. I’m going to toddle off to bed. Miss Suzy has already called it a day and is sleeping in my lap. Good night.


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