Dad’s Alaska

I am still exercised about the loss of our First Amendment rights. I’m not sure that we’ll ever get them back. The Homer mayor, Democrat that he is, wants people to inform on their neighbors who don’t stay in their homes. We are now living in police state and we’re allowing it to happen. As for myself, I intend to go wherever I damned well please. You’ll have to make your own decision but adherence to these stupid edicts from the dumb asses you’ve elected is not highly recommended. You now don’t have to wonder anymore how Hitler got all of those seemingly good, honest people to do such terrible things, do you?

Easter is over. You can all go back to whatever sins that suit your taste. KIDDING!

Got some bad news from Summer last evening. She discovered that the front of the house had sunk about 1 1/2 inches. I hadn’t really noticed until she brought it to my attention. I pondered a bit on how this could have happened. After some brain damaging thought, it occurred to me that the front of the house faces south and that the ground in front had thawed. The thaw released the pilings from their little bit of frost heave and they sunk back down where they were before the freeze. The problem is that it has not been warm enough to thaw out the pilings at the back or under the house. For that reason they have not returned to their natural warm weather positions. Now I am stuck waiting until warmer, drier weather before I can finish leveling the house. I might just wait until I get the new addition wall under the front before I finish the leveling process. The new basement wall will be sitting on a concrete foundation and is unlikely to ever move except in a major earthquake. With the front of the house supported by the new basement wall the front will be fully stabilized. The middle and the back can be stabilized with concrete footers and leveled once and for all time (barring earthquakes). However, no matter how much I don’t want to do so, I’ve got to temporarily level the mess so that we can install the kitchen. Two steps forward then one step back is the story of my life.

Today I spent a couple of hours directing the melt water around the house. The more I direct away from the house the less time it will be before I can go under the house without swimming in a mud pit. I shoveled some more of the ice and snow away from my tractor. It is clear enough around it now to do the repair. All I have to do now is move the ‘parts tractor’ to a spot where I can leave it permanently after I disassemble it to repair my good tractor. Problem is there is still too much snow and ice between where it is and where I want it to be. I’m going to have a tractor up on concrete blocks. Does that make me a redneck? I thought so.

Neither Miss Suzy nor I slept very well last night. Or maybe it was that I didn’t sleep very well and kept disturbing her. As previously stated, “Sleeping is her best cute dog trick”. I went to bed at about 11:30 and I last saw the clock at about 1:30. After that I awoke several times hoping that it was time to get up. Waking up before time to get up is annoying because you are then forced to try to go back to sleep. Finally, I awoke and it was a little after 8:00. I could get out of that torture chamber, build a fire and make coffee. Life could begin again.

As I approach another evening, I am still not tired and dreading the night. It has always been that I have to be just dead on my feet tired to sleep soundly. Back in the day I would run three or four miles to wear myself out after working all day. Running is not an option now as I busted up a knee in an freak accident 20+ years ago. Tonight will probably be another one like last night. I sure hope not.

May the Corona Farce skip over you.

Dad’s Alaska

12 April 2020 Easter Sunday

Happy Easter!!

I had four biscuits wrapped up in plastic wrap, from yesterday’s breakfast Therefore, I was forced to make some Depression gravy to go with them. Biscuits and gravy. Yum-m-m-m. This time I made the gravy without salt or pepper. The dogs like the stuff on their hard food and they don’t need all of the salt or pepper. Crazy dogs “eatin’ good in the neighborhood”.

Summer’s big job of today was to tend to her animals. My big job was to park my carcass in the recliner and do nothing for a day.

I was awakened this morning by a text from my grand daughter, Mary Elisabeth, wishing me a Happy Easter. She’s seventeen now but I still can remember when she was small and her Grandmother Connie made her an Easter basket every year. In some ways, it seems like yesterday and in others it seems a lifetime ago. Connie has been gone now for just over three years and, sometimes, I still expect to look up and see her sitting on the couch.

Miss Suzy and I slept like rocks last night. She, usually, wakes me up to go pee a couple of times on any given night. That didn’t happen last night. I guess she was really tired from all of the sleeping she did yesterday. Sleeping during the day is one of her best cute dog tricks.

Miss Suzy

Sunday dinner was a spiral sliced ham, blackeyed peas and turnip greens with cornbread and sweet tea. You can take a Southerner out of the South but you can’t take the South out of a Southerner. The ham wasn’t spiral sliced, when I was a boy, but it was still good at Easter. The blackeyed peas and turnips were home canned by my Grandmother Byrd. I helped shell all of those peas and pull all of those turnips out of the ground the previous late summer and early fall. I didn’t like all of the work that it entailed but I sure liked eating them later.

Well-l-l-l, I guess I’m calling it done. I hope and pray that each and everyone of you has a healthy and happy Easter.

Dad’s Alaska

11 April 2020 Saturday

Started the morning off by making coffee and building a fire. It really isn’t that cold, around 40F, but it’s nice to knock the chill off. Made Depression gravy and canned biscuits for breakfast. I needed to get something in my stomach before I take my BP meds and my various vitamins and minerals. I’ve never taken so many pills in my life. The majority of them are vitamins and minerals. Some of them like the D3 and those related to not getting enough sunlight will be discontinued until next fall. We’ll start getting 18-20 hours of daylight for a while.

I got all suited up and in the proper attitude to crawl up under the house. Had put the jacks within reach and was properly motivated to finish leveling the rear portion of the house. After I belly crawled and then on hands and knees the 30 feet to where I needed to be, I found that the various freezes and thaws had formed a sheet of ice so thick that the jacks wouldn’t go under the floor beam. BTW, my left knee, while still tender, was up to the task. This is just another set back. I’m going to have to wait until the ice is gone before I can lower the back of the house to match the front. This means that we are stopped from installing all of the new cabinets and countertops in the kitchen. In other words, all of the interior remodeling has come top a screeching halt. I was able to lower part of the house where the ice had not become a glacier but that wasn’t enough to get the kitchen level. The majority of the back of the house remains as it was. Fortunately, the weather prediction for the next 10 days is rain. The rain will melt the ice but then I’ll be crawling in the mud. There is no happy medium in Alaska.

Summer was given six chickens and two ducks today. We sold all of our chickens last fall and then Summer slaughtered, with the help of a neighbor, and processed nine ducks last October. Now we’re back in the chicken business and we have two ducks that don’t fit into our breeding program. She started out to get Fabio, the rooster, another mate as his previous mate was eaten by a neighbors dog a week or so back. The only reason we still have Fabio is that he managed to escape the Great Chicken Roundup last fall. The search for Fabio’s new girl friend led to a guy who just wanted to be rid of his six chickens. “And oh, by the way, if you want the chickens, I have two ducks you have to take as well“. So as I said earlier, we’re back in the chicken business and we now have two ducks that need to be rehomed or slaughtered. Rehomed is preferable as we still have 3-4 ducks in the freezer. Duck is decent eating but for me a little duck goes a long way.

Chickens led to building a couple of nesting boxes a putting some fresh hay inside the old chicken house. Summer managed to catch Fabio ( had jumped up into her Subaru Forester looking for the hens) and throw him into the house with the other chickens and the two ducks. They’ll all stay cooped up together for the next several days. There will be no ‘social distancing’ for these critters. This will allow the chickens and ducks to understand that this is their new home. When they are, finally, released they’ll stay close to their new home. Home is where the food is.

Today has been a bust as far as getting any progress on the house. but I got a few things accomplished. I was able to pick up things that had disappeared into the snow. Most of them I did not need. But, at least, now they are in a place where I can find them. if I do need them. Stuff disappears into the snow and no matter how badly you need it, you can’t find it until ‘break up’.

Well, that’s it for me. Good news is that I am still ‘Corroded Virus’ free. Nite. Nite. Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite.

Dad’s Alaska

My mug shot

Today became a COVID-19 criminal. I left my house and drove to the Kenai Home Depot. With the statewide lock down, I guess it is a criminal act to go out of your own town. The reason for the trip was to get the last few (13) cabinets we need to finish the kitchen. Also, ordered 1550 sq feet of prefinished Red Oak flooring. It’ll be 6-7 weeks before the flooring gets to the store in Kenai. Probably could have gotten it sooner but the paperwork would be far more convoluted and we’d have to pay the freight from Fife, Washington. My Scottish grandfather would be rolling in his grave, if I paid freight when I could get it shipped for free.

While in Kenai I went to Walmart. We needed dog food and some meat. Of course, there is no going to Walmart and just get what you went to get. Two hundred dollars later, Miss Suzy and I were on our way back to Fritz Creek.

Got almost back to Anchor Point when I passed by a Alaska State Trooper. He had his flashing lights on and was on the side of the road, I slowed down to pass by him and eased on down the road before going back to 60 on the 55 mph highway. That was the only law enforcement that I saw all day. I don’t think that outside of Anchorage there is much adherence to the stupid lock down. Anchorage has the Lib/Prog/Democrat mayor and city council with all of the usual impediments to freedom that go with it. They are, allegedly, using cell phone info to track people who aren’t obeying distance rule. I have high hopes that President Trump will turn America loose by the 1st of May. If we go on like this for very long we will have murdered the economy.

Well, I’m getting hungry. Summer has gone to Dan’s for dinner so I’m on my own. Guess I’ll just nuke a beef pot pie and call it good. Y’all take care now, ya hear.

Dad’s Alaska

Vodka ladened, lobster encrusted Covid-19 killer

09 April 2020

At this location in 1894 not a damned thing happened. Pretty much the same today. Most of the day was spent shoveling snow away from projects that I want to get to ASAP. The shoveling was/is an attempt to hurry up the process of melting the snow so that I can get to work. It is odd how the snow melts in odd patches. It can be the same apparent depth all across a large area but will melt out only at one place. That one place seems to be exactly the same as the place 10 feet away that did not melt. It’s a mystery.

I had to take the frame apart on the collapsed tent in order to be able to get to the stuff inside. Some of the bolted together joints were so badly bent that there was no way to be able to lift it back up even close to where it should have been. Disassembly was the only workable solution. Once all of the metal was removed it provided easy access to Summer’s 4 wheeler, my 12” miter saw and a number miscellaneous things that we’ll need this summer.

The next project was to retrieve the jacks I had been using to raise the front of the house. While doing that I removed all of the pieces of wood that had been used as spacers and the lumber used to make places to set the jacks. This entailed some wading in mud but it wasn’t too bad as I avoided the really soft mud.

The COVID-19 fiasco continues. America is destroying itself without needing any outside help. Neither the Russian Communists nor the Chinese Communists could do a better job of destroying America than our political class is doing. With all of the governors and mayors as friends, we certainly don’t need any enemies. Out of 7,500,000,000 (that’s 7.5 BILLION) people in the world only 1,600,000 (1.6 MILLION) people have the COVID-19 disease. That’s 2/100 of 1%. Where is the damned pandemic?? I know where the pan-ic is but I just can’t find the pan-demic.

Finished up my day bringing in firewood and putting away the dishes AGAIN. Both of these chores seem to be never ending. But you have to eat and stay warm so I guess I’ll continue to trudge through the drudg-ery. Had a taco salad for dinner. It was very good but more than I could eat. I’ve gained 5 pounds nursing the gouty knee. Today I was almost able to get down on it and crawl. Maybe tomorrow will be the day to crawl back under the house and finish the leveling. One can only hope. Buh Bye for now.

Social Distancing (quarantine) : Day 14 -16

I have spent three days repotting plants because I still can’t use my greenhouse and the outside garden. I had to go to the feed store to get more flats and pots. While I was at the Wagon Wheel, I bought some asparagus roots that look like they are about three years old. This is good, that means they will produce large enough sprigs that we can harvest. My old asparagus is one year old now and won’t be ready to harvest for another two years. I can wait that long! It’s one of my favorite vegetables. But that can’t go in until the geese and ducks are out of the greenhouse.

It looks like I am going to have to move more plants upstairs so I can make room for new vegetables I need to seed out. Otherwise, I’m not going to have kale and lettuce this summer. It must be done.

Excuse the mess. As you can see the plants have taken over the living room.
Cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower
Brussels Sprouts, shallots, tomatoes and peppers
Basil, dill, cilantro and lots of tomatoes
Tom Thumb tomatoes
Three baskets of Tom Thumb tomatoes
Saw this little one while driving back from Dan’s house.

It was wild Alaska the other morning when something attacked and ate my hen Dead Bird II. I didn’t name her, my friend’s children did before they gave her to me. It stuck. There is no sign of her little body. Just lots of feathers and a trail of blood and feathers to the road. I’m guessing it was a dog or a coyote. It’s so sad. My rooster has been looking for her since it happened. I will get him a new hen when I think its safe.

Well, I guess that about it. Going back to work to get the bathroom finished and move plants to my bedroom.

Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to enslaving America using COVID-19 fear.

09 April 2020

We, through our fear, have allowed the government to put us all under ‘house arrest’. It astounds me that we have allowed ourselves to enslaved by an irrational fear. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about this theft of our freedoms. I would never have thought that the Americans would allow themselves to be so easily panicked and kowtowed. America has become a country of cowards. I am relieved that my Dad and most of “The Greatest Generation” are not alive to see this unbelievable cowardice. They charged out of landing craft, flew in planes through flak so thick you could walk on it (quoting my Father, a B-17 crewman) scared silly but doing their job. Now all of you are cowering in your homes like children hiding under the covers of their bed to keep away the boogyman. 16,000,000 million people out of work and only 14,000 deaths. I am ashamed of myself for allowing this government propaganda to effect my life and you should be just as ashamed. Does this stupidity makes sense?? You’re afraid of this?? It’s time for you to get off your duff and do something before there is no America. I am no longer staying at home just to obey the government. I am an AMERICAN will not sacrifice my freedoms to a government and I will not live in fear of what ‘might’ happen.

Dad’s Alaska

08 April 2020

Still have knee troubles. Tried to go hands and knees under the house. I thought that the knee was healed enough but the pain let me know that it wasn’t. I’m not getting the under the house leveling project. This lack of progress is holding up much other remodeling. Very frustrating.

Summer had to go into town AGAIN. She had run out of the flats into which her plant pots are set. They keep the water from running out on the floor. Her plants are growing like crazy and she has been having to repot them every few days. If breakup doesn’t go more quickly she’ll be harvesting tomatoes, Brussel sprouts and bell peppers in the house.

I decided that since I was unable to crawl that I decided to dig out the dump truck. I had about 30 inches od snow and ice between it and the road. The snow shovel proved to be useless. I ended up using a flat nosed metal shovel. It took me about 20 minutes to break through the icy crust and remove the ice and snow.

Nothing left but ice

It won’t be coming out of its’ parking spot until the ice on the ground melts. After removing as much as I could down to the solid ice on the ground I turned my digging skills to partially digging out the tractor. Dug out enough to be able to install the replacement axle.

Poor ;ittle Pasquale

I’ve got the axle assembly. Now if it the snow will just go away. Looks a mess but is a useful piece of equipment that needs a simple repair.

Made some serious storage errors last Fall. Put both of our trailers out in the equipment parking area. The problem is that I did not account for 2-3 feet of snow. I need to get one or both of them but there ain’t no way, Jose’. The pictures below are of the trailers we can’t get to yet

After partially digging out the tractor, I turned my attention to trying to clear off the collapsed tent.

Tent collapsed by snow

In the collapsed tent are gas cans, other items and more importantly the Kawasaki four wheeler. Summer wants her 4 wheeler. I spent about an hour getting the snow and ice off the tent. Summer and I tried to prop the tent up but that proved to be a futile exercise. Decided that we’d have to take the material off the broken frame. Got it partially off the frame before coming to the realization that some of it was frozen into the snow bank. This will project will have to wait until we get more thawing.

Last year at this time the weather was warm and there was no snow or ice. This year my Spring fever has quickly subsided. Now I’m just very frustrated that I’m getting next to nothing done.

That’s all for today.

Dad’s Alaska

Happy days are here again.

07 April 2020 Tuesday

Got a good frozen ground morning and I can barely walk. That’s an exaggeration, I can walk pretty good I just have a limp because of my knee and I have a good bit of pain doing so. My original diagnosis was gout but now I’m thinking that it may be arthritis as this is the knee that was turned inside out in an accident some 20 years ago. The brick front and the mansard roof detached from the building and fell on me and my poor truck. Destroyed my 1985 Nissan pickup and my left knee. My planned day was to work under the house but because I cannot get around without a great deal of pain. Am going to try to get a doctor appointment for today. Don’t really want to go where there are sick people, but sometimes you have no choice. The worst place you can go when you are only slightly ill.

The latest news on the Crapass Virus is that 98% of those infected GET WELL.. Near 80% of the deaths are people who are already very ill and over 65 years of age. The upshot of these two stats are enough information for you to get back to your life. We are voluntarily destroying our own country. Time for us to get smart, look at the risks and get our asses back to work. I have, continually, been telling all of you that this is a media driven hysteria. Most of this media driven hysteria is all about getting rid of the “Orange Man”. As I wrote yesterday, about 7500 people die in America on any given day. The Crapass Virus is adding, on average, 200 people each day. Of those 200, perhaps, 100 would not live more than a few months anyway. People dying is sad and not a good thing BUT isn’t it time to put this in perspective. As we are destroying our country for these 200 deaths per day we are putting ourselves in a position to kill 1000s by other methods. For example, we are likely to see great increased starvation, suicide, domestic violence, depression etc. etc. People living without work or a purpose in life are going to be driven to edges of sanity, if this stupid ban on going back to our normal lives continues. People are not built for unlimited confinement. That is why we use confinement to punish criminals. If we made the criminal confinement be such that the prisoners see the same 3-4 people all day everyday, you would witness the symptoms I described above. IT IS TIME TO GET AMERICA BACK TO WORK.

Time to get something to eat. More Depression Gravy this morning. I’ve got three biscuits left from yesterday morning. They are hard as a rock but after I covered them in hot gravy they’ll soften right up. I think that I’ll make it sausage gravy.

The wind has, at last, gone away. The temp yesterday was in the 30s but with the high winds the wind chill made it feel like it was in the teens. I was a beautiful sun filled day that was too cold to be outside for very long. Don’t know why but the temps below zero this winter did not seem to have any affect upon the ducks and geese. I know that they don’t have any nerves in their feet but what I don’t know is if their feet freeze. What I do know is that the white ducks are really dirty. This is because they haven’t been able to bath themselves as there has been no liquid water.

This afternoon’s moose.


Went to town again today. Summer had forgotten the Greenies for the dogs. Greenies are supposed to keep the dogs teeth clean. Who knows. She, also, needed more potting soil and some bigger plastic pots. Her garden plants are getting so big that they have to be repotted. This is the second and third time for some of them. Last year we would have had them in the ground by now. This year the ground is still frozen, I think it might have something to do with Gore-bal Warming. My reason for going was a doctor appointment to get some meds for my gouty knee and for them to document my blood pressure.

Back at home Summer began her repotting and I smeared some more sheetrock mud on the joints in the new bath area. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have it smooth enough to paint. Beyond that i did very little. Another tidbit, as I was picking up my prescriptions this afternoon I was remarking at all of the hubbub over the Crapass Virus one of the pharmacy people told me that he’d been told that they were attributing any kind of death to the Crapass Virus, In other words, the death toll is being artificially inflated. Whoda thunk it?

Well, the wind is back and the temp back below freezing and the forecast is for an inch or so of snow, Summer is cooking cube steak in gravy and I boiled some potatoes for mashed. Cube steak w’gravy, sour cream mashed potatoes, and English peas. YUM-M-M-M

Dad’s Alaska

Don’t and will never own a selfie stick.

6 April 2020 Monday

Got up this morning with my left knee still inflamed and hurting like the dickens. I cannot crawl around under the house as I cannot be down on my knees. So I guess Summer and I will being going into Homer to dump the trash, drop off extra clothing at the Salvation Army and go to the grocery store. We don’t need much at the store but since we are already in town we might as well take advantage.

After our trip to Homer, I guess I’ll get back to work on Summer’s bathroom walls. I need to complete the sheetrock finishing so that she can paint. The painting will allow her to install he custom built vanity and bring in all of her girlie fru fru stuff.

This morning listening to Mark Steyn on the Rush Limbaugh Show. The number of deaths from COVID-19 has reached near 10,000 since the end of January. This is to be compared to the daily death toll by other causes at about 7500. THAT’S 7500 PER DAY. The COVID-19 death toll in America for 2 1/2 MONTHS is almost 10,000. That is ONE AND A THIRD of the every day, ordinary daily death toll in America over 2 1/2 months. WHERE IS THE PANDEMIC???? WHY THE PANIC??? .0002273% of Americans die on any given day. Why does that number not make you scared? The reason that doesn’t scare you is that it is that death is a normal part of life. The reason this so called “pandemic” is scaring the crap out of you is the incessant media hype. Without the constant drum beat from the the main stream media you would hardly notice this minuscule increase in the death rate. So media hype is the real cause of your fear and panic. Are you going to allow an extra 200 deaths per day added to the 7500 that normally occur to scare you silly?? Your fear is undermining the very freedoms that we have cherished for nearly Two Hundred-Fifty years. America get a grip!!

Decided I needed to eat something so I could eat my pills. Breakfast consisted of store bought biscuits and Depression gravy. Depression gravy came about during, you guessed it, during the Great Depression. Many people had very little food. You had to stretch the food to feed your family. It is made with a tablespoon or two of lard (or any cooking oil) enough flour to take up all of the oil. This mixture is heated until the flour starts to brown. At that point you add water. You want to add a little extra water so that it can be cooked down to get rid of the lumps. Start to finish is about ten minutes. Serve it over the biscuits and salt and pepper to taste. If you made your own biscuits you could, even at today’s prices, feed 4-5 people for less than a dollar. It may not be very nutritious but it will stave off the ‘missed meal colic’. Something in your belly is a lot better than nothing. I was raised on this and to me it is comfort food. Yes, I could make biscuits but the store bought ones, while not as tasty, they are convenient. Getting lazy in my old age, I guess.


Returned from the big city of Homer. The people are acting crazy, by my standards. The grocery store was packed. I saw one guy wearing a mask that you would use to paint cars, a woman with a scarf underneath a mask, a guy wearing a black hockey mask like Jason’s white mask in “Friday the 13th’ and numerous others with a variety of store bought and home made masks. Some of the people who were wearing masks were not following the proscribed ‘social distancing’ program. It was like, “I’m safe, so screw you!”. Of course, I wasn’t wearing a mask. I’ve got masks so that isn’t a problem. I’ve been through dozens of diseases from polio to 50 kinds of flu and the is no telling what I was exposed to in three tours in Asia during Viet Nam. I am not going to be bullied by government idiots or stampeded by fear. BTW the Homer City Council idiots repealed their stupid plastic bag ban a couple of weeks ago. The Lib/Prog City Assembly in Anchorage are still allowing people to bring their filthy, bacteria-virus ladened bags from home. These people are simply ignoring the scientific data to pursue their eco-wacko agenda. Unbelieveable!

The Alaska Legislature is stealing Alaskan citizens money at every turn. They are stealing the Permanent Fund that every Alaskan is due to be paid. They cut the $3000 to $1600 last year and then this year down to $1000 and next year it is likely to be zero. These Democrats and RINO Republicans are building a bigger and bigger government. Alaska has the size of government that you might find in, perhaps, California with a population of a medium sized city. There are only about 900,000 people in the entire State of Alaska with a state government sized to serve tens of millions. There seems to be a revolt brewing in Alaska. There is a movement to oust all of these big government types in the upcoming election. Alaskans are beyond angry they are pissed.

Seems that we are having fried chicken for dinner. I am truly sick of broiled or baked chicken. Healthy food sucks. It has no taste and the texture of it kinda makes me gag. At my age it is a little late to be cutting back on fried anything. At 75 1/2, I’m not likely to give up the things I like just to live 4 extras days.

Ta Ta. Y’all have a happy Corona Virus vacation. Speaking of Corona..The Mexican government shut down the Corona brewery as a non-essential business.