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Here’s to the continuing government idiocy

27 April 2020 Monday

Have been remiss in writing the blog. I have been busier than a one legged pirate in an ass kicking contest. I’ve been doing everything from burning debris to loading wheelbarrows full of dirt to go into the greenhouse. Spring has sprung. We now have 5 months to complete a years worth of work.

The dirt
Dirt transportation device looking into greenhouse

It took days to burn all of the debris. Spent hours watching the fire and ‘stick picking’ across the property. Will finish the burning process today and then get on to repairing the tractor. While doing the fire thing I’ve been picking up other debris that can’t be burned. A dump run is in my future. The tractor project entails removing the axle from the parts tractor and installing it on the working tractor. This should be a fairly easy project that shouldn’t take more than 4-5 hours.


Sunday, we loaded the dirt into the greenhouse. Summer has, after all of the dirt was dumped into the greenhouse, has furrowed the dirt in preparation for planting. She was spreading the dirt as I was dumping 14-15 loads of it in the greenhouse. It was a big job for both of us. I could tell that I was going to be sore Monday morning.

She had to go to work today (Monday). The pet care service that she works for is trying desperately to get over the dumbass government shutdown. This shutdown has put dozens of Homer businesses in jeopardy of closing permanently. In addition, much of the Homer economy is based upon tourists. There will likely be no tourist season this year. So-o-o those businesses that weren’t completely destroyed by the idiotic shutdown will be finished off by the lack of tourists. One amusing and unintended consequence is that the idiots at the Homer City Council and the idiot Mayor had to rescind their stupid plastic bag ban. It, finally, occurred to some city employee that the bringing bags from home could spread the Corroded Virus or any germ or virus. A recent study showed that the ‘bring from home’ bags often had more germs and viruses than a public restroom commode.

Summer put several goose eggs into an incubator about a month ago. In the past couple of days we have had them hatching out. We had 5 geese and one duck hatch. Four of the geese were perfectly healthy. One was hatched and had some serious problems and was never going to be well. She had to kill the poor little thing. It was never able to stand or take water or food. All it did was writhe on the floor of the pen, apparently, in pain. It was a pitiful thing to watch. We had one duck hatch Sunday afternoon. It didn’t look right to me and this afternoon it died. Circle of life kind of thing, I guess.

Had to move the tractor a few feet forward to get it in a position where it could be disassembled. This was supposed to be a ten minute job that became a 2 hour ordeal. First I was pulling it with a ‘come along’ cable winch. This winch broke while I was trying to pull the front end of the tractor around to point it where I wanted it to go. This failure led to looking for a second winch that I knew I owned but did not know where it was living. Found the winch and it, also, broke under the load. This entailed repairing the damned thing and then more aggravation. When it was repaired, I was able to move the tractor to where I wanted. Two hours shot just getting it into position. After that I was able to jack the tractor up and take off the tire and the axle. I did try to put the axle into the good tractor but it wouldn’t go. By this time I was tired and it seemed a good time to quit and have a vodka.

Parts tractor with tire and axle removed

Dinner was a small steak, broccoli w/cheese sauce and a few french fries washed down with sweet tea.


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