Dad’s Alaska

Here’s to the brave crew of Time Bandit

21 April 2020 Tuesday

Kimberly D sent me a note to tell me that the crab boat that homeports in Homer is the Time Bandit. That was, indeed, something I did not know. I thought I knew everything but it appears that is not the case.

Had to repost this picture from yesterday as I got the caption wrong.

Summer, Queen of Fire

Today’s original agenda was to burn more debris. That didn’t happen. Instead I spent several hours of picking up trash around the property. A lot of trash and junk was left on the ground last winter because of the snow. Today was the day to clean it up and take it all to the dump. Winter snow jumps onto you while you’re head, down rear end and up working like crazy to get everything done before the snow. It has become obvious to me that there is no getting it all done before the snow flies. There are just too many jobs to be done in the short season between the snows. The number of jobs that need to be done and extra things that we want do are likely more than we’ll ever get done before it snows again. An example of ‘need to’ is the acquisition of 10 cords of firewood logs, cutting them into rounds and then splitting those rounds and, finally, stacking that firewood in the tents. All of that activity will take me about a week to 10 days. If next winter is as cold as this winter we will need all of the wood we can get. This years 6 cords were subsidized by all of the drops from Dan’s addition to his house. There was near a cord of wood from that source along with three trees from our property clearing. Then there was some weather damaged lumber that we had amongst several hundred board feet of good lumber we purchased last Spring. All total it we had close to 8 cords. We aren’t going to have all of the extra wood this coming winter. Hence we are purchasing 10 cords for the coming winter. Called my wood guy last week to get him in gear.

My trip to the dump was uneventful. The only persons I saw at the dump transfer station weren’t wearing masks. In the great outdoors why should they? I saw a number of people walking alone in Homer and out East End Road wearing masks. I wondered why since the only persons even getting close to them were passing by in their vehicles. The MSM has these people scared to death. They fail to understand that they’re more likely to be killed by being run over by a moose or a car than die from a Corroded Virus while walking in the great outdoors. If this wasn’t so serious, I’d be laughing my ass off.

We had a Anchorage Dumbass Doctor on the radio saying that Hydroxychloroquine didn’t work. He quoted a study from the VA as if it were the Bible. I read the article and the most important line in the article was: “The nationwide study was not a rigorous experiment.” In other words, it was not a scientific study but he quoted it as gospel. More fake news promulgated by the MSM and a self proclaimed expert. The so-called study did not take into account pre-existing conditions, age, race, weight or any other factors that might skew the results. It was just a willy nilly slapped together paper that means nothing. By all appearance it was just another attempt to slander President Trump. There are no scientific studies at this point. However, there are stories of people recovering due to the usage of that drug. I’m gonna ask for it should I be so unlucky as to catch the Corroded Virus.

Summer got the call today to go back to work part time. She is ambivalent about the prospect but she sees the need to get more exercise. Walking the dogs 3-5 miles everyday has kept he in shape. Not walking them is means that she has to try to force herself to go walk everyday. Everybody knows that exercising is a pain and hard to do, if you don’t have to do it. Me, I put in 3000-5000 steps almost everyday. Average step 2’. 3000×2’= 6000’ divided by 5280 equals 1.36 miles. I don’t lose any weight but I’m not gaining any either.

Picking up trash and a trip to the dump. A big day in Fritz Creek. Y’all have a good day. See ya on the flip side.


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