Dad’s Alaska

Let’s all drink to house arrest.

20 April 2020 Monday

Another day of burning the debris. There are two stumps that I just can’t seem to destroy. One of the looks like an octopus and the other has horns of a bull with its’ face removed. I spent most of the day gathering wood to try to burn these stumps. The trees and bushes did not have the dirt shaken out of them so I spent a good deal of time removing the dirt by hand. Couldn’t use the shovel because it wouldn’t get into the places the dirt was stuck. By the time I finished the day I was covered in dirt, mud, ash and black smudges from the previously burnt stuff.

Hanging out by the fire
Baked Octopus
Summer the Fire Girl

I didn’t get a picture of the faceless bull so there isn’t one to show.

Spent the day slogging through the mud by myself this time. Summer had other stuff to do so I continued the fire. This is boring as snot. I worked all day trying to get the pile burned. Finally, at about six o’clock I decided I’d had enough of that fun. The fire had burned down pretty low and wasn’t a threat to the community so I went up the hill to the house.

All of the cleared land you can see in the pictures was covered in dead trees, grass humps, old tires, rotting lumber and just about anything else short of junk cars. Anything not metal or rubber was burned in last years fire. That fire was so big that the Chief of the volunteer fire department saw it from 12 miles away. He was out on the Homer Spit. Out on the Spit is where the harbor is for the fishing/crabbing boats and numerous tourist traps. Somebody told me that one of those ‘Deadliest Catch’ boats uses this as its’ homeport. I’ve never seen it, don’t know the name of the boat. I did think y’all might find that interesting though. I’ll see if I can find out the boat name, if anyone is interested. Connie used to watch that show and I’ve sat with her while she was watching. I don’t have a clue about it beyond them either catching or not catching crabs. I will say that it did look like a dangerous job that I wouldn’t want.

I was going to say something about the Corroded Virus and the decided not to except to say I don’t have it.

Tomorrow will be another day of trying to turn the balance of the debris pile into ash. This would have been a great deal easier had the guy who pulled all of this stuff out by the roots shaken the dirt out of said roots.

Good night and God bless.


2 thoughts on “Dad’s Alaska

  1. The Deadliest Catch boat is the Time Bandit
    I really enjoy reading your and Summer’s posts. I visited Homer 3 years ago, and fell in love with Alaska.
    Of course, I’ve come to realize, if I’m ever gonna live there, I’m gonna need some stupid money!!
    Will keep living vicariously through y’all’s posts.


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