Dad’s Alaska

My mug shot

Today became a COVID-19 criminal. I left my house and drove to the Kenai Home Depot. With the statewide lock down, I guess it is a criminal act to go out of your own town. The reason for the trip was to get the last few (13) cabinets we need to finish the kitchen. Also, ordered 1550 sq feet of prefinished Red Oak flooring. It’ll be 6-7 weeks before the flooring gets to the store in Kenai. Probably could have gotten it sooner but the paperwork would be far more convoluted and we’d have to pay the freight from Fife, Washington. My Scottish grandfather would be rolling in his grave, if I paid freight when I could get it shipped for free.

While in Kenai I went to Walmart. We needed dog food and some meat. Of course, there is no going to Walmart and just get what you went to get. Two hundred dollars later, Miss Suzy and I were on our way back to Fritz Creek.

Got almost back to Anchor Point when I passed by a Alaska State Trooper. He had his flashing lights on and was on the side of the road, I slowed down to pass by him and eased on down the road before going back to 60 on the 55 mph highway. That was the only law enforcement that I saw all day. I don’t think that outside of Anchorage there is much adherence to the stupid lock down. Anchorage has the Lib/Prog/Democrat mayor and city council with all of the usual impediments to freedom that go with it. They are, allegedly, using cell phone info to track people who aren’t obeying distance rule. I have high hopes that President Trump will turn America loose by the 1st of May. If we go on like this for very long we will have murdered the economy.

Well, I’m getting hungry. Summer has gone to Dan’s for dinner so I’m on my own. Guess I’ll just nuke a beef pot pie and call it good. Y’all take care now, ya hear.


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