Dad’s Alaska

Happy days are here again.

07 April 2020 Tuesday

Got a good frozen ground morning and I can barely walk. That’s an exaggeration, I can walk pretty good I just have a limp because of my knee and I have a good bit of pain doing so. My original diagnosis was gout but now I’m thinking that it may be arthritis as this is the knee that was turned inside out in an accident some 20 years ago. The brick front and the mansard roof detached from the building and fell on me and my poor truck. Destroyed my 1985 Nissan pickup and my left knee. My planned day was to work under the house but because I cannot get around without a great deal of pain. Am going to try to get a doctor appointment for today. Don’t really want to go where there are sick people, but sometimes you have no choice. The worst place you can go when you are only slightly ill.

The latest news on the Crapass Virus is that 98% of those infected GET WELL.. Near 80% of the deaths are people who are already very ill and over 65 years of age. The upshot of these two stats are enough information for you to get back to your life. We are voluntarily destroying our own country. Time for us to get smart, look at the risks and get our asses back to work. I have, continually, been telling all of you that this is a media driven hysteria. Most of this media driven hysteria is all about getting rid of the “Orange Man”. As I wrote yesterday, about 7500 people die in America on any given day. The Crapass Virus is adding, on average, 200 people each day. Of those 200, perhaps, 100 would not live more than a few months anyway. People dying is sad and not a good thing BUT isn’t it time to put this in perspective. As we are destroying our country for these 200 deaths per day we are putting ourselves in a position to kill 1000s by other methods. For example, we are likely to see great increased starvation, suicide, domestic violence, depression etc. etc. People living without work or a purpose in life are going to be driven to edges of sanity, if this stupid ban on going back to our normal lives continues. People are not built for unlimited confinement. That is why we use confinement to punish criminals. If we made the criminal confinement be such that the prisoners see the same 3-4 people all day everyday, you would witness the symptoms I described above. IT IS TIME TO GET AMERICA BACK TO WORK.

Time to get something to eat. More Depression Gravy this morning. I’ve got three biscuits left from yesterday morning. They are hard as a rock but after I covered them in hot gravy they’ll soften right up. I think that I’ll make it sausage gravy.

The wind has, at last, gone away. The temp yesterday was in the 30s but with the high winds the wind chill made it feel like it was in the teens. I was a beautiful sun filled day that was too cold to be outside for very long. Don’t know why but the temps below zero this winter did not seem to have any affect upon the ducks and geese. I know that they don’t have any nerves in their feet but what I don’t know is if their feet freeze. What I do know is that the white ducks are really dirty. This is because they haven’t been able to bath themselves as there has been no liquid water.

This afternoon’s moose.


Went to town again today. Summer had forgotten the Greenies for the dogs. Greenies are supposed to keep the dogs teeth clean. Who knows. She, also, needed more potting soil and some bigger plastic pots. Her garden plants are getting so big that they have to be repotted. This is the second and third time for some of them. Last year we would have had them in the ground by now. This year the ground is still frozen, I think it might have something to do with Gore-bal Warming. My reason for going was a doctor appointment to get some meds for my gouty knee and for them to document my blood pressure.

Back at home Summer began her repotting and I smeared some more sheetrock mud on the joints in the new bath area. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have it smooth enough to paint. Beyond that i did very little. Another tidbit, as I was picking up my prescriptions this afternoon I was remarking at all of the hubbub over the Crapass Virus one of the pharmacy people told me that he’d been told that they were attributing any kind of death to the Crapass Virus, In other words, the death toll is being artificially inflated. Whoda thunk it?

Well, the wind is back and the temp back below freezing and the forecast is for an inch or so of snow, Summer is cooking cube steak in gravy and I boiled some potatoes for mashed. Cube steak w’gravy, sour cream mashed potatoes, and English peas. YUM-M-M-M


2 thoughts on “Dad’s Alaska

  1. I know its probably not the same thing but my right knee started to get painful two days ago and since I have been down this ‘gout’ road for years now, I took my colchicne right away. Its the only thing that will knock my gout pain out completely but even today more than two days later it was a bit hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in and walking is Ok as long as I don’t try and turn it a certain way. If you are diagnosed with gout, (mine started years ago in my big toe), colchicne will be your friend.
    Stay well my friend.


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