Dad’s Alaska

Lobster encrusted COVID killer.

31 March 2020

Another boring as snot day. It was so uneventful that I’m having trouble remembering what transpired except a lot of TV and a fair amount of vodka. I vaguely remember cleaning the top of the stove. That took all of about 30 minutes. Put the pot grates into the dishwasher and ran the few dishes that were dirty with them.

Dan brought the custom shower enclosure for the upstairs bath. He had to cut the material to an exact fit. He placed the material against the wall and scribed it. It was a very interesting process. I spent several hours talking to him while he tried desperately to work. When I have nothing to do I can be a serious impediment to progress.

I had intended to crawl under the house and start the last bit of leveling. My Grandmother always said that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I did not go under the house. There are, perhaps, 4-5 hours of belly crawling labor yet to be done. There are some things that need to be done that can’t be done now because the ground is still frozen. When the ground thaws, I’ll be digging footings for some of the missing pilings that are currently being replaced by screw jacks. The new pilings will be concrete blocks set down upon these new steel reinforced concrete footings.

Summer and I have a bunch of work to do when (and if) the ground thaws. There is a fence to be run to surround the damned irritating geese. They will be imprisoned in an area with their own pond. I am truly sick of goose crap all over the yard. We will, also, be imprisoning the ducks at their own pond. This, hopefully, will keep the gander, Goosifer, from killing the drakes as he has done this winter. He killed two drakes and they were part of our duck breeding stock. We were/are trying to start our own breed of duck. They are a really pretty black and white and something you might not see anywhere else. Everyones’ reaction upon seeing them has been nothing but oohs and aahs. The new breed is to be both a good meat bird and a good layer. The loss of the two drakes is not the total end of our breeding program as we still have several hens but it is a set back.

Of course, this is just my opinion, the COVID-19 fiasco/hoax continues. 24,000 plus people in the U.S. have died from the flu this season. The COVID-19 deaths so far have only been about 43,000 WORLDWIDE with China likely misreporting by a substantial number. Even if there are a total of 40,000 unreported Chinese deaths, it is still not comparable to the latest influenza outbreak. They are expecting the current flu to kill up to 500,000 people worldwide this season. This COVID-19 scam is the biggest medical hoax ever imposed upon the unsuspecting populace of not only of the U.S. but the world. Tens of thousands of people have had COVID-19 and recovered with hardly more than some small discomfort, a mild cough and a mild fever. Still the hard won freedoms all around the world are being stolen by the various governments and we are not likely to get them back. I’m not blaming President Trump. I think he has been stampeded, by the CDC, into actions that he would not have normally taken. I cannot remember or recall from history when the U.S Government was forcing citizens out of their jobs and to stay in their homes. This is nothing short of a travesty and a full on theft of your rights given to you by your Creator and delineated in The U.S. Constitution.


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