Dad’s Alaska

What’s up, Doc?

28 March 2020

Alaska has some 140+ cases of COVID-19 and two deaths. Death rate still about 1.5%. The Homer City Council rescinded their stupid plastic bag ban. They discovered that the ‘bring from home’ bags are seldom washed and according to one test they carry more bacteria and viruses than you might find on any given public toilet. Of course, anyone with half sense already knew that fact.

A good thing, I guess, about Homer is that there is so much dope smoked that nobody seems to really give a damn. Yesterday the local Communist Party (Democrat) leader aka Mayor of Homer closed all “non-essential” businesses and, apparently, nobody gives a damn. Were I still in business they’d have to come arrest me before I’d close the doors. To me, a Conservative and Libertarian, they have no constitutional right to tell me to open or close. They could suggest that I close. And I might do so, due to a modicum of common sense, in an attempt to avoid several days of illness. I really don’t like being sick and for whatever reason I haven’t been in over 40 years. I had heart surgery 20 years ago and I have high blood pressure but no respiratory illnesses of any kind before or after my surgery. This COVID-19 “pandemic” has made some people crazy and others afraid of their own shadow. It makes no sense. Summer went to a gathering of some of her friends. They had built a small bonfire but because of the “social distancing” no one could stand close enough to the fire to stay constantly warm. Summer came home an icicle and was only gone about 45 minutes. BTW I read that the sneeze range is something like 23 feet.

I got both sides of the new kitchen wall sheetrocked. Also, got the water for the refrigerator hooked up. Did not get to the electrical. The reason for that was catching up on the blog. Had to do Thursday and Friday as I had been too busy to write those days. Tomorrow I’ll get the wiring complete and the refrigerator can be taken off the extension cord.

Living room side of new wall
Kitchen side of the new wall and yes I mis-measured the receptacle cutout.

After that chore, it will become wash day. I will be washing Miss Suzy, a ton of laundry and my own stinky self. After living as an adult (more or less) for 60 years in the South, I had become accustomed to taking a shower daily. Being hot and sweaty even in January, sometimes, made it seem necessary. If you didn’t shower regularly there would be ‘social distancing’ because you would stink and nobody would (not even your spouse) want to stand next to you. (As an aside, have you noticed that no one smells of soap anymore. Back in the day everyone bathed in the tub and they always had the smell of whatever perfumy stuff was in their soap. Now most people shower and the perfumy stuff goes down the drain.) My experience here in Alaska has been somewhat different.`I bathe 3-4 times a week. Partly to save water but mostly because there is very little, if any, perspiration to make me smell. There are many stinky people here that you would certainly don’t want to stand close to. They have that Alaska Aroma. A case in point was a doctor I went to see in Homer. She was stinky. Not really, really stinky, but stinky enough that I never went back. I thought, that if she was not bathing regularly, that the potential for catching something that Tide wouldn’t wash off was pretty good. Miss Suzy’s last Tuesday appointment at the beauty shop was canceled by the COVID-19 scare. So now I’ll have to wash and trim her face and belly.

It’s supper time. Summer heated up the slow cooked roast from yesterday, boiled and buttered some potatoes and stir fried asparagus in butter and garlic. We be eating good in the neighborhood.

To quote Red Green, “Keep you stick on the ice”.


6 thoughts on “Dad’s Alaska

  1. It’s good to hear from you again.
    I’m glad we here in Alabama have such a good representative as you are to show that we have great people as you to show them that we are good people too.
    I really like to read your adventures.
    Stay safe my man


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