Dad's Alaska

20 March 2020 Saturday


Got up this morning to see that it was still snowing. It had, apparently been snowing all night. Summer came back from Dan’s house to inform me that they have yet to plow the main road, East Bay Road. With the hills, curves and potential to slide off a high bank into oblivion, we decided not to go to Homer today. We both needed some supplies for our projects of the day but the roads are dangerous. She was going to paint her bee hives and I was going to finish up the wall and replace all of the stair steps and risers. Not today.

The first day of Wuhan Kung Flu quarantine with Summer going to be home all day every day. Summer hasn’t been home everyday for most of two years. Her layoff, actually, comes at a propitious time. She needs to prep beehives, repot veggie plants and sort out some of her clothing for donation. She has shrunk in size due to her job of walking dogs several miles a day. She has some nice clothes that are way too big for her now and there is certainly some girl or woman in Homer who is in need of new clothing. I was going to donate some of my clothing but all I have left to donate are some tee shirts that would be more useful as rags than clothing. I donated 7-8 suits, a bunch of dress shirts, several pairs of shoes and a dozen or more pairs of pants last year. I’ve got one suit, one dress shirt and one tie left to be buried in. Beyond that I’m down to 5-6 pairs of jeans and a couple of pairs of khaki pants. If I’m not likely to wear it, I don’t own it any more. Back to the original thought. I’m hoping all of this quarantine togetherness doesn’t break into hostility.

Resting after a long day leveling the house.
A snowy sunset

The dogs keep going crazy because the moose keep wandering across the yard. It goes without saying that, if our food becomes scarce because of this Wuhan Kung Flu idiocy, moose will be on the menu.

The next door neighbor, whose family built our house back in the 80s, spent a good portion of the day in the snow shoveling snow off the gravel road that is our street. It was snowing enough to cause him to need to re-shovel that which he shoveled an hour or so previously. It seemed to me to have been an effort in futility. Indeed, he must have some sort of unnatural fixation on the road. I guess it comes under the heading of ‘whatever winds your watch’. Weird.

Because I had nothing to work with, due to our inability to get to Homer, I have sat on my butt most all morning The only real chore was picking up the debris from the new upstairs bathroom and either stacking it with the other materials or trashing it. Mostly trashing it.

Later in the afternoon, I decided to finish the electric by pulling the wire into the new wall and a new light for the stairwell. It took me a couple of hours and it made a big mess. Wood chips and sheetrock dust from drilling holes for wire. It made me tired. I hate cleaning up but it had to be done. The wiring is done and all we lack is finishing. Finishing means installing the light fixture and a switch box at the top of the stairs that I don’t have. Tomorrow, I will go to town and get the stuff I need to finish.

It stopped snowing, the sun came out and now we have slush. The break up continues and my Spring Fever is at max.


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