Dad’s Alaska

Kachemak Bay Sunset
Bob Steele/iPhone 10

12 March, 2020 Thor’s Day

End of the day with a solid foot rest and a vodka.

Today started, as usual, with 48 ounces of coffee, cleaning up the kitchen and emptying the dishwasher. The old 24″ Samsung dishwasher (by old I mean 2 years old) has been replaced with an 18″ NoName dishwasher. The Samsung didn’t wash very well and lasted only two years. You might take that into consideration when you have to replace your dishwasher. I thought Samsung was a near top of the line machine. Boy, did I think wrong. The main control board failed and the replacement at wholesale was almost two hundred dollars. New dishwasher was $329.00 and it is a better fit for our kitchen. I did not follow my own advice that I’ve given to my appliance repair customers for years. “Go buy the cheapest dishwasher you can find of any brand you like. The cheapest one and the most expensive one of the same line have exactly the same motor and pump. The cheap one will wash just as well as the most expensive”. I bought the more expensive dishwasher and all I can say is “I can’t help it that I was born stupid”.

After finish my morning chores which primarily consists of drinking coffee, I set off for Homer to meet a man about a tank. A very large tank. That man, Kerry Plant of Spenard’s Building Supply, was closing out 2500 gallon water tanks for a really good price. He, also had a couple of windows that he wanted to sell. We need windows. Very few of the existing windows on this house open. You might not think so but it gets very warm inside during the summer. A cross breeze is really good for sleeping at night and not sweat while sitting down to dinner or watching TV. Anyway, I bought the tank and hightailed it for home. I will pick up the tank in a week or two. No hurry.

Had a bowl of tomato soup for lunch and got dressed to enter the mud pit. There in the mud pit I was able ( with much aggravation and difficulty) to jack up and put in the doubled 2x6x8′ shims to finish leveling the main part of the house. I moved on to the trapper’s cabin portion of the house and after about 3 hours managed to get it level plus a little bit. The plus a little bit was to give me room to install the 6x6x10′ beam under the near useless, laid on the weak side beam supporting the outside wall. It is what you might call Alaskan construction. Why the damned thing hasn’t fallen down is a mystery to me. The only thing holding that corner of the house must undoubtedly have been someone’s imagination. We had a 7 point something earthquake two years ago and a near 5.0 last year and the darned thing stood up. I am amazed now that I’ve surveyed the lack of support for myself. Anyway, it is as close to level as I am able to get it. Tomorrow I will install the new beam and lower the house down on it. This will then allow me to lower the interior part of the house down on the newly reinforced pilings and it should be near dead level. Completing this will bring me to leveling the last room, my bedroom. This should, fingers crossed, be an easy project involving only jacking up the outside wall and removing existing shims.

Days are lasting longer, but I’m not. I only got in about 8 hours today. Daylight is lasting until near 8:00 PM and I’m out of gas by 6:30. I vaguely remember being able to work 40+ hours at a whack when I worked off shore so many years ago. That was over 35 years ago. My how time flies. Now I consider myself lucky, if I get in 40 hours in a five day week. In my sixties I could work a half dozen thirty years olds to death trying to keep up with me. Ten years has certainly made a difference in my ability to work for long periods. In case some of you are still under 50 let me give you a simple fact…The Golden Years SUCK. You can’t walk as fast, think as fast, hit as hard, work as long or get too far from a bathroom. In addition, you will find yourself going from one room to another and arrive with no idea why you are where you are. You know you left the other room for a solid reason and have no idea what that reason was. I’m chalking this up to having too many things on my mind. That excuse makes me feel better. You’ll be taking 10 kinds of meds and 47 vitamins and minerals because your doctor says that you need them. Worse than that you will on a regular basis forget to take the darned things. Welcome to the last days of your life.

Well, I’m about to have a passel of chicken wings for dinner. Summer does and excellent job of preparing them and I can eat a dozen or so. Nighty night.

4 thoughts on “Dad’s Alaska

  1. The golden years….. sometimes I wonder why my father never told me what to expect?

    Although the two top photographs on this blog
    make your golden years
    look amazing.


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