Dad’s Alaska


Day 10 and the sewage still flows. Our most pressing problem now is that the water to the shower is still frozen. I’ve tried several methods over the past several day to thaw out the pipes with no luck. They are frozen inside the wall behind the tile shower enclosure. I was preparing to rip off the side of the house to get to those pipes when Summer had a better idea. Why not go on ahead and convert the upstairs 1/2 bath into a full bath by installing the tub/shower enclosure we have in the storage tent. We had intended it for the remodel of the downstairs bath but emergencies dictate actions. We began ripping out sheetrock. The sheetrock came out pretty easily and the we found that there was an electrical wire right in the middle of the new floor. Since we are planning to rewire the house this posed a minor problem for the future but for the present it had to stay connected. It was the source for the lights and fan in the bathroom. There is nothing quite like the stupid it takes to run a wire up inside a wall and then drill through 10-11 studs to get to the wall switches for the light and the fan. Oh, the nimrod who did this put a receptacle around ankle high on that wall next to the vanity. Summer had to bend at the knees in order for her hairdryer power cord to reach her head full of blonde hair. Of course, she abandoned this foolishness. The only suitable purpose for this receptacle was one of those plug in scent thingys. Worse than all of that it wasn’t a GFI receptacle as it was located next to a water source. So it was not only stupidly placed but dangerous to boot. I said ripping out the sheetrock was easy. That was because Summer did most of it. I showed up in time to rip down one large piece and help with the cleanup. A lot of small chores had been neglected during the Black Water troubles. I was able to scratch several of the off my ever present list of THINGS THAT MUST BE DONE. We finished the day loading the debris and bringing in the new bathtub and enclosure. More great news, the tub enclosure isn’t going to work because of the shape of the roof (stupid dormers) makes the ceiling too low at one end. Another problem without an obvious solution. We gave up for the day. Summer went to Dan’s for dinner and I opened a can of Hormel Chili. Yum-m-m-m

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