Dad’s Alaska

February 18, 2020

Day 11 and the sewer is still open. BUT the potable water source is frozen in the shower, the downstairs commode doesn’t fill, the cold water faucet in the downstairs bathroom and both hot and cold work only intermittently in the kitchen. Plus the entire water system is frozen every time I take away the diesel jet heater. Continuous action is required to keep the water flowing. The shower is likely going to be frozen until Spring. As previously stated, Summer decided that we would convert the upstairs 1/2 bath to a full bath by adding a tub/shower. It is a good idea but created a great deal of work. As described on Day 10, work ensued. Knocking down old sheetrock, moving electric, cleaning up the big mess and then bringing the new tub and shower enclosure up to the second floor.

Day 11 work required taking down the sheetrock on the ceiling below the proposed new tub. This created another massive mess. The best discovery of this effort was that there was absolutely nothing that would be in the way of installing the necessary plumbing. This is the first good news we’ve gotten since the project started. Also, this revealed a way to rewire the house with out running under the house where it is currently located. The good news was just overwhelming. I almost cried for joy. On the freezing potable water problem, I, at last, got a small electric heater that was thermostatically controlled placed in the water shed. I did not want a heater that would run constantly. Electricity is very expensive here. Now the water flows except where I previously stated that it doesn’t. A potent reminder that “you can’t have everything”. Now to get started on Day 12 with a trip to the dump.



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